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At 2pm I got a call from TCL in Auckland to advise me that the technician is 40 minutes away. Exactly 40 minutes later, they are knocking at my door :D I have never had TCL turn-up on time before.

They asked me if this was house number ****, then they said they were here to do a install job!

Im not too sure why it was recorded as a install job? Maybe it was because when I reported the fault I explained that I had already tried swapping the two STB I have, and they were happy that it was faulty.

The tech didnt even bother with testing the faulty STB they just got to work installing the new one.

The only delay was that they kept on being put on hold by their support people, so they had to wait for the modems to be tested at their end.

My only concern was when I heard the tech talking to a lday on the other end, and she started to complain that the old systems were alot faster, and that the new system is really slow and she didnt understand why they had to replace it.

It was after she had said that, that the tech decided that using speakerphone may not have been a good idea, and turned it off :p

So I now have two STB's working again, and I just have to see if TCL can give me a reason as to why they seem to like rebooting around 1030pm every night!


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Ive had both of my STB for over a year now, and one of them has decided to stop working.

I got a phone call from my GF saying she cant watch TV. So I tried to help all I could over the telephone (which was very difficult) and eventually managed to get her to swap over the two STB's just to make sure it was the STB and nothing else.

She confirmed it was as dead as a dodo.

So I called TCL and only had to wait for around 5 minutes on hold, and they said they were able to get a technician in to look at it on Monday.

This is probably the shortest hold time, and fastest response time I have ever had!

But no one will be home til the Friday, so I have a week to wait and see if they turn up or not. Ive arranged for the 830-930 slot, as my other two choices were 930-1230 or 1230-430 and there is noway I want to spend all of that time waiting around!

Ive plugged in the STB myself and found that there is alot of sparkign happening inside the unit, just behind where you plug the power cord in. Then it stops after a few seconds.

Ill wait and see what happens on Friday about getting it replaced.

UPDATE: Five minutes ago a representitve called from TCL to say that they recognised that it is the weekend, and that they are able to arrange for someone to come and see me tomorrow. However the condition is, that I must be here is one of their horrible time slots. (there is now was im getting up before 830 on a Saturday) So it looks like I am going to have to wait around at home all day tomorrow.

They have been booked for 1230-430.

EDIT: WorldxChange Telemarketing

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I have just had a phone call from world exchange inviting me to change toll call provider, he said I would get 20-30% off my toll calls if I used their services.

He was remarkably polite as I have had a lot of telemarketer's stuff the information down my throat, yet this guy took no as an answer. I did not have to repaet it several times or hang up on him!

If you are using your own call centre to make these calls well done! If not, then you have chosen a good company to call on yor behalf!


I have two phone lines in my home, and about 5 mintues after posting this, I got a call on the other line, from another person called Mohammed (either it is the same person or their call centre is all made up of Mohammed's?). I explained that I had received a call 6 or 7 minutes earlier and I was not interested, he seemed really shocked and had no idea what to say in reply :p

Impersonations, thats right another one

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Someone must hate our store this month.

This time a customer called RAJ ordered a Y from another store, again stating they work for us etc etc.

Again it is going to loose us money to sell it. Even after we charged them freight we still lost ~$100.

The problem with both these cases, is that our company has policies in place to prevent this very thing from happening! But some managers just do not care, why would they? By getting rid of these negative profit products they are doing their store a favour. And all they get is a slap on the hand

The problem for RAJ now is that I will make sure I will nolonger serve him, I wll even ask him to leave the store. Im sure he did not need to go to all of this effort to order in this product. He only spent ~$100 with us, thats only a fraction of the cost of a brand new BMW 3 series coupe.

Now we just need to find out what RITA drives...


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Why would you want to impersonate a salesperson?

Recently two seperate people have pretended to be a salesperson at the store I work at to order in products from other stores that are below cost. Ie if we sell them we loose money.

The first one had Murhpy pay them a visit.

They called another store and asked for X to be sent to our store (they stated that they worked for us), the store they spoke to gladly sent it to us (why wouldnt they, as they wont loose any money from it).

They then called us acouple of hours later and said they needed a spare part for X, we let them know of the price and placed an order for it. They then spent the next few days calling us repeatedly asking about the spare part, to which they kept on being told that it is on back order and will take a few weeks.

Later that day X arrived ATTN Rita, now there is no Rita who works for us, secondly noone would order an X as they are below cost. So I asked the only person that might be silly enough, and found that they had ordered a spare part for it. Put 1 and 1 together and you see a scheme in the works.

We decided to play our own little scheme, and we did not call the customer to let them know their X had arrived. They eventually called us and we stated that X was here, they then asked where the spare part was. We asked if that was for them also, they then said yes they ordered in a X (no they could not remember who they spoke to) and needed a spare part. They were happy to wait as X would not work without the sapre part.

I decided to "test" X before we gave it to the customer, not sure why I did but something was nagging me to. Low and behold it broken :D Murphy had struck.

Now all this time we had had one of these units in our store, which was incompete so we were not going to sell it till we got all of the parts for it. So i go this one out to test (it had come back from being repaired) and Murphy thought he'd be execeptionally cruel, and this one was broken too.

We have now recieved the spare part, but we nolonger have an X to sell them.

We are still waiting for Rita to call us again to collect her remote.

If anyone asks, why we did not refuse to sell to them, well what would we gain by doing that? We would have to keep a X that we will probably never sell anyway.

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Reading Cinemas Online Bookings PART 2

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What follows is the second part of a B&M session relating to Reading Cinemas Courtenay Central Wellington.

On the Tuesday we go to Reading and give them our online confirmation form and credit card so that we could pay for the movie. The person swipes our card and tells us that there is no booking on our credit card. They try again, even get someone else to try, but no our booking has been vaporised!

So we ask for the seats that we had pre-allocated online. Only to find that those three exact seats have already been allocated, yet they cannot give them to us as they may have been sold to someone else.

The girl tells us that she can give us seats right next to it in the row infront. We take those seats, pay for it and head up to the movie. Upon looking at the tickets, the girl and me must have different ideas of the words right next to. It turns out right next too means, same row but around 5 seats away from where we were orginally. It doesnt sound like alot but when you take up three seats there's always going to be one person who is not going to be anywhere near the middle.

Once again I have a look at the seats that were meant to be mine, to see that they are empty!

So both times the three seats in the middle of the back row stayed empty. 

Overall I am not impressed with Reading Cinemas online booking system. Through their website you can Buy Tickets. They ask for your credit card details, yet you cannot actually pay for the tickets! They just ask for your credit card details, as they will be implementing online purchases at somepoint. You print out a piece of paper, which you dont actually need, and take it in so they can swipe your credit card to confirm the reservation.

If you have bothered reading this far, I would not recommend making reservations for two different sessions.


By the way thoroughly enjoyed both Sunshine and Meet the Robinsons.

Reading Cinemas Online Bookings

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What follows is a B&M session relating to Reading Cinemas Courtenay Central Wellington.

Last Friday(27th) the girlfiriend and I decided we would go and see a few movies at Reading Cinemas. Now Reading have a website that you can use your credit card details to secure seats.

We decided on seeing Meet the Robinsons on Saturday the 29th, and then see Sunshine on the following Tuesday.

We resreved two tickets for the Saturday, and three tickets for the Tuesday. Printed off our reservation confirmations and thought that by booking early we were going to get the tickets we reserved.

On Satruday we went into Reading, stood in the Internet Bookings Line, waited there for around 10 mins without being served, so decided to join the "normal" line. When we got to the front we were told that we shouldve been in the other line and we wouldve been a priority, YEAH RIGHT!! I politely told him we had been standing there for the last ten minutes. To that they apoligised.

(At this point im slightly annoyed but still happy.)

We gave the guy a discount voucher we had, he said as he tickets were already allocated at full price he could not use that ticket towards out seats. So he said he would use it to buy two new seats, but we could still sit where we had booked online. So we took our tickets (without really looking at them) and went on our way.

Around 5 minutes before the movie started we looked at our tickets to see that one ticket was correct, the other was for another movie in another cinema!! I headed back downstairs, unfortunately the guy that served me had gone, so I had to explain it to another person. She seemed really helpful and apologised. She said she would have to exchange one of our tickets, but as the seat next to the correct ticket was taken we would have to get different tickets again!!

I asked if we could sit in the, now three, seats that we had "lost". She said no they had been sold to other patrons so we could not.

(By now I am pretty pissed off at Reading Cinemas.)

We go into the cinema and take our seats as per the latest tickets we were given, and start to enjoy the movie. Part way through I turn to see if our seats had been taken, and surprise surprise three empty seats!!!


Telecom: Do they know what they sell?

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I had the most confused customer come to me today, asking for an external antenna for her Sierra 580 wireless card.

She had been told to go to us, we do not sell telecom data/wireless cards, by the local telecom store!

They said they had never sold them at that she should go to us.

I politely explained that she had been sent on a goose chase, as we have never sold them either.

I called someone in Telecom for her, they told me that all Telecom stores can get in the external antenna.

It was not surprising to hear that the person I spoke to was less than happy with one of their stores sending customers away.

So future reference for anyone that may want an external aerial for a Telecom wireless card, GOTO TELECOM!

NZ vs EURO tech support :D

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So ive just spent the best part of 3 hours trying to get some specialist software working with vista!

This has all come about as obviously VISTA has replaced XP. So I emailed the tech support guys a support centre(thanks Scott :D) and asked them if they had a fix for their software/hardware so that it would work with vista.

The following is their reply.


I not test the compatibility with Vista.
I recommend the WinXP.


Ok so English is not this persons first language, but technical support is his job description!

My first problem was the fact that I stupidly went and borrowed a laptop from work that does not have a Cardbus slot! **** you Compaq!

That aside, the first piece of software was a HASP security key, nice and easy as Aladdin have updated their drivers to work with Vista, but Vista cannot find the drivers (same problem with XP), so I had to download them and install it manually.

The software started off fine, it installed itself and ran, until it came up with a “user has no access to the database registry. (0,0)”. Again an easy solve by running it as administrator.

However I now cannot seem to turn administrator rights off. It’s ticked in the privileges section, yet its greyed out, so even as administrator I cannot turn it off. I’ve spent hours trying to get it turned off, but I just cannot seem to do it.

 Finally I just had to get a DSE XH3371 USB video capture adapter going. For some reason I didn’t even try and install the software, maybe because I couldn’t be bothered downloading the software? So I took the installed directory out of c:\windows on a XP machine and pasted it into the same spot on vista. And voilà it worked :D Now I just have to get a notebook with a cardbus slot so I can get my cardbus video capture cards to work with vista.

Round one to NZ based tech support :p

ViewSonic Pixel Warranty

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Just over one month ago i bought a new pc with new monitor. It was a basic 17" LCD Viewsonic.

I noticed after unpacking that it had a blue pixel in the top right-hand corner, so I called Viewsonic who have a 30-day zero pixel defect warranty. They wernt to helpful and said that I had to return my monitor to the person I bought it off or take it to Monitor and Terminal who will look at it.

They explained that the whole process takes acouple of weeks, which was not acceptable as I didnt buy a new monitor for it to be sent away for acouple of weeks.

I did not want to send it to my suplier as they are based in Masterton and I live in Wellington, so i called M&T, who are also Wellington based, and spoke to either Chris or Wayne. (Sorry cant remember who i spoke with frist.)

They said as it was christmas Viewsonic will be closing so the process could take a we while.


They were more than happy to order the replacement, and let me keep my monitor until the replacement was ready!!

So around came the 18th or 19th and I hadnt heard anything so I called M&T and Chris apologised, saying that Viewsonic had not got back to him after he had sent an email earlier in the week, wo he said hed send another for me to get an ETA.

On Tuesday Chris called to say that my monitor had arrived and asked how I wold like to get it swapped, as he had remembered that I 9-5 in Johnsonville so would be unable to make it in myself. I suggested a courier which he said hed need to check-up on.

The next day he got back to me saying that someone would be able to come to my workplace or house and swap it for me!!!

So at 9am this morning Wayne turned up with a brand new monitor for me! Which has no dead pixels!!!

So id just like to thank Chris and Wayne at M&T for their excellent customer service!!!

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