Telecom NZ to move call centres to The Phillipines

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 11-Aug-2006 10:45

Comment by juha, on 11-Aug-2006 10:53

That's all very well, but where will they move the management to?


Author's note by sbiddle, on 11-Aug-2006 11:10

I'm still waiting to hear who's actually going to run Telecom now that Rod Deane has departed! :-)

Comment by Bung, on 11-Aug-2006 11:21

Did Telecom actually decide anything apart from how little it will pay the contractors responsible for running the call centres?

Comment by Jama, on 11-Aug-2006 11:22

'and no more of Telecom's 1500 call-centre staff who work in the consumer or residential area will be affected. '

Author's note by sbiddle, on 11-Aug-2006 11:31

I personally don't think there is any problem in oursourcing call centers, particularly if it actually makes the customer experience better. This can ovbiously be done very easily if you can have substancially more operators for the same price!

Comment by freitasm, on 11-Aug-2006 11:46

It would be good to have a bit more text here.. Stuff is well known for taking the content out after a month, so this is going to go forever into devnull a bit later...

Comment by juha, on 11-Aug-2006 12:54

US$10 a day is the going rate I hear.

Comment by GingerNinja, on 11-Aug-2006 13:25

Do Slingshot already outsource their call centre? Service from them is pretty poor - the operators aren't actually authorised to do bugger all.

Comment by SpiderNZ, on 12-Aug-2006 21:27

>>Comment by juha, on 11-AUG-2006 12:54

>>US$10 a day is the going rate I hear.

Going rate for what?

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