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By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 17-Aug-2006 21:01

For those of you who aren't aware if you want to sign up with Vodafone for a Monthly Plan on a "Personal" contract (ie non business) you now have no choice but to sign up for a minimum 12 month contract unless you want to sign up for Motormouth. Vodafone claim that the old GET plans are now end of life:

Why isn’t Vodafone supporting Get plans any more?

Get plans were introduced when making calls during “peak hours” were much more expensive. That was when mobiles were mainly used by business people. Now everyone uses mobiles all the time, so we don’t split calls into peak and off peak – and that means that our customers can use their mobiles when they want rather than when their plan dictates.  Newer, more flexible plans like You Choose make much better sense, give you much better value and allow you to make the most of NOW!

Isn't it ironic then that every voice addon for You Choose is Nights & Weekends only?

I would love to switch to a You Choose plan but unfortunately can't because I steadfastly refuse to enter into a 12 month contract just because Vodafone want me to. I've been a loyal customer for over 10 years now, certainly have no plans on migrating to another network becasue of the advantages GSM offers me and would actually be spending more per month on You Choose than what I do now and would have greater flexibility. . . I guess it's your loss Vodafone.

EDIT: Just one other thing - as mentioned elsewhere by other users You Choose has a policy where you can move your base plan up levels but cannot move down. This means that if you sign up on You Choose 100 you cannot move to You Choose 20 without paying a penalty. I'd receommend that anybody who may be believe they would ever need to move sign up on You Choose 20 and then upgrade your plan for the next billing cycle.

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Comment by freitasm, on 17-Aug-2006 21:23

And a few years back Vodafone announced with big words how contracts were things of the past...


Comment by 3g, on 17-Aug-2006 21:33

I'm in exactly the same boat - would love to swap, but why should I sign up for a 12 month contract! In all honesty, there is no way that I'd ever go over to Telecom (as my livelihood depends on GSM), but I object to having to enter a contract.

Comment by alasta, on 17-Aug-2006 21:33

"The Old Rules are Gone". Hehe! It looks like the old rules are now back!

On the face of it I don't really object to signing a 12 month contract as I'm quite sure that I'll still be a Vodafone customer in a years' time, but I agree that it's very disappointing that customers are not offered the choice of an open term plan if they prefer it. I think I'll probably cling to my Get70 plan for as long as I can.

Comment by chiefie, on 17-Aug-2006 22:57

I see no reason why you don't want to get into the 12months contract when you foresably not going to switch network anyway. In no time, 12 months will be over and you will hardly even notice it.

I don't mind and have actually taken up the 24 months contract as I know I will be with Vodafone regardless.

It is just as you are waiting for your next birthday, only 12 months away.

Comment by freitasm, on 17-Aug-2006 23:19

And when the 12 months period is over they will come up something else that will require another 12 months contract. "The Old Rules Are Gone" is not coming back I'd say.

Author's note by sbiddle, on 18-Aug-2006 06:48

Call me stubborn or anything you want to - I just fail to see why I should have to enter into a contract just to get a service. No other Vodafone network that I am aware of is forcing contracts like VFNZ are, in the UK there are substancial perks thrown in if you sign up for term contracts but the same plans are available on no term for the same price (less the perks). The high probability of substancially reduced mobile rates and portability within a year makes the whole thing smell very fishy.

The other thing that annoys me is that Vodafone are heavily promoting 25% extra base airtime if you sign up on a You Choose plan with a 3G device. Looking at the fine print this only occurs if you buy the phone at the same time so those early adopters like myself who purchased a phone at full RRP just to have the latest toy miss out yet again - even if you have a 3G device you will not get the extra 25% airtime.

Comment by Jama, on 18-Aug-2006 09:11

Its called Mobile Number Portability. With no contract it is easier to churn.

Comment by cokemaster, on 18-Aug-2006 09:11

I personally have been disappointed by you choose. I've signed up to the 12 month Choose 60 plan but was mislead at the store - the sales person said that if I wanted to purchase a 3G handset I could add it to my plan and get the 25% 3G bonus + handset subsidy.

The sales person was wrong. She also gave me a photocopy of the choose plans from the staff training manual because they didn't have the documentation.

So, given the fun I've had, I'm seriously considering dropping the contract and even switching teams. It isn't something I'd normally do but the Choose plans do seem a bit of a joke. Particularly when all the calling addons (excluding the international calling) are for nights and weekends.

Comment by alasta, on 18-Aug-2006 09:42

I've said it before and I'll say it again : You Choose is a great concept, but very poorly implemented.

Comment by cokemaster, on 18-Aug-2006 10:04

I agree 100%, Alasta.

Author's note by sbiddle, on 18-Aug-2006 17:06

"I've said it before and I'll say it again : You Choose is a great concept, but very poorly implemented. "

I think the idea is good, it's just that Vodafone give you *no* choice not but so enter into a minimum 12 month contract with them just to be provided with service.

No other Vodafone network forces term contracts on their customers just to be on a monthly plan. In Australia and the UK where portability exists and the market is very competitive the incentive to sign up for a term contract is perks - here all Vodafone give is is a few free minutes per month. Whoop de do.

Sorry Vodafone, I would love to switch to You Choose but it's really a case of You Lose.

Comment by Mike Stewart, on 28-Sep-2006 22:03

I just sent the below email to vodafone. I agree with the other users comments that a forced contract when switching plans is likely to discourage me from continuing with vodafone. I am also annoyed that all the vodafone offers are always targeted to prepay customers. ---------------------------------------------- I have been a vodafone GET 200/300 customer for almost 9 years now. I just rang up to change my GET 300 plan to a GET 200 plan and I learnt that you are discontinuing the plans. I also learnt that you are forcing people into a contract when they sign up for the you choose plans. I think that is insulting to force long term customers back into a contract. I am also dismayed that all your special offers are always directed towards prepay customers. I am strongly considering switching to prepay so I can receive the offers, or perhaps just switching to telecom. Either way this would result in me spending less and using my mobile less. Many of your customers have become disgruntled by this move to force people back into contracts, and if you search google you can see angry comments on a lot of blogs. All the 12 month contract will achieve is to persuade existing customers to switch to either prepay or telecom. It will not achieve loyalty through a forced contract.

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