Econet at it again

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 18-Aug-2006 18:00

So Econet are getting so desperate somebody supposedly travels 4000km (obviously the long way) around the North Island to take photos of cellsites due to their ongoing issues with Vodafone and access to shared sites.,com_d4j_ezine/task,read/page,1/category,5/article,545/Itemid,145/,com_d4j_ezine/task,read/page,1/category,5/article,554/Itemid,145/

When Econet actually have a *single* operational site of their own then maybe they could have an issue, but to moan about the competition when they are nothing other than a loud mouth is just crazy.

Business sense dictates that co-location is obviously very logical when the cost of building a mast can easily be $200000+ for a rural site. When you compare the different technologies and frequencies used in NZ however - CDMA 800, GSM 900 & 1800 and UMTS 2100 just because somebody has a site doesn't necessarily mean that it's the perfect location for a competitors gear. There are also other factors such as the design of many of the standalone masts used by Vodafone & Telecom in NZ which are incapable of supporting additional panels without significant modifications and RMA issues where consent in some cases has only been granted for 6 panels per site which is one of the reasons Vodafone swapped out GSM panels with UMTS ones on some sites. There have been some pretty significant fights between Telecom & Vodafone in the past when it came to co-location including large rental payments to ensure exclusive access to some rural properties to block the other but both companies have not benefited from sitting down and talking through the issues.

Econet simply want to bludge off Vodafone's & Telecom's infrastructure, lets hope the ComCom don't listen to all their crap.

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