IE7 RC1 Dramas

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 26-Aug-2006 17:33

I decided to replace my Beta 2 install of IE7 with the new RC1 version last night. What should have obviously been a simple job turned into a nightmare!

I uninstalled IE7 Beta 2, rebooted my system and then installed RC1. I then rebooted and after logging in was prompted by a warning message saying ieplore.exe could not run do to normaliz.dll not being found on my system and Windows failed to boot any further.

I was now dreading what I had done until a quick Google search (lucky I have multiple PC's) showed this isn't an isolated problem and numerous other users have encountered the same issue.

Lucky the fix isn't that hard - since you can access task manager after this error occurs you can run cmd.exe, locate normaliz.dll (or download a copy) and copy it to c:\windows\system32 and reboot.

A few more details are in the links below

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