TelstraClear - sort your crap cable network out

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 31-Aug-2006 06:45

As discussed here ( cable customers including myself suffered yet another outage again last night.

Now we all know that outages can happen and that no network is perfect but the reliability of the cable network over the past few months has to raise some serious issues - in the 8 or so years I've been a TCL cable customer I've never known there to be as many outages as there are at present. Combine this with the ARP issues before Xmas last year causing routers to lock up and you have to wonder outside audits need to be performed of their network to find out why such things are happening.

What is beyond comprehensible though is the fact TCL are not even capable of updating their network status page or adding a message to their helpdesk advising that issues are occuring, instead there is a recorded message advising of delays of approximately 1hr due to heavy call volumes. Customer Service are two words that Telstra are incapable of saying, it's obvious the same now applies in New Zealand as well. Telstra in Australia are required to refund customers for network outages, a system that was implimented to try and improve their network because it would cost the company money when things did fail. It's obvious why TelstraClear can't do the same here - they would be bankrupt by now with the payments they would have to make back to customers.

Come on TCL, sort your crap out. You have the best network in the country but it's no good when it's not working. Update your status page and put a phone message on when there are outages, it's not exactly rocket science.

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