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After reading portege's recent blog post ( found this pdf on the Econet site

It makes quite amusing reading particularly the last summary page

Econet’s Journey

•Econet traveled over 4,000km to visit every one of these sites.
•We drove over 1,000km on unsealed, gravel and dirt roads.
•We hit ice several times.
•We walked through driving rain and snowy fields to take these pictures.
•Our car got stuck in the mud several times when driving over muddy access tracks.

•We would much prefer to have been:

•Building a competitive new network
•Bringing competitive new products and services to market
•Fighting Vodafone and Telecom for new customers
•Instead, 5-years after the 2001 Telecommunications Act, we are still fighting for a fair go. We are still fighting just for the right to get started.

Heeellllllloooooo anybody home?

There is nothing stopping you building a network! Get of your ass, stop moaning and actually do something about it. Co-location is a good idea and should be encouraged however Econet's belief that it's their god given right to have access to every single site in the country so they don't have to build a single mast of their own is just one big hazy dream.

How about showing us a photo of some of the gear you had to airfright into NZ because you were in such a hurry to build a trial network? Oops maybe it doesn't exist. How about showing us some of your lease agreements for land or RMA lodgements for sites? Oops maybe they don't exist either.

Econet Vaporware - your next generation mobile network (tm)

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Comment by taniwha, on 11-Oct-2006 21:34

sounds similar to Slingshot crying about telecom not having room for their equipment in street equipment boxes... HELLO!! buy your own damn boxes.

Comment by kiwitrc, on 12-Oct-2006 08:32

This has to be the weirdest company around. Somehow they managed to get government approval to use Vodafones network ( a private company) then they piss around bitching for ever about Telecom and Vodafone not giving them a hand to compete against them???? There is something going on with this "company" and it aint about building a mobile network. They are full of hot air and crap.

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