Vodafone really are smart

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 3-Nov-2006 07:43

My last few posts have knocked Vodafone so I thought it was time to say something nice about them.

Supa PrePay & BestMate is a *very* smart move by Vodafone.

The mobile market these days is all about making money. Unlike the past where it was all about growing customer numbers, the fact all the mobile operators paid far too much for their 3G licences means they now need to recoup the cost!

Both Vodafone & Telecom have a PrePay APRU (average revenue per user) of ~ $25 per month. So how does Supa PrePay affect this? As we all know the cost of voice calls and SMS's these days is very minimal, especially for on network traffic. With $10 TXT2000 Vodafone are now getting a guaranteed $10 upfront from their customers and BestMate gives them $6 revenue upfront. From what I've heard in the past 24 hours the uptake rate of Supa Prepay & BestMate has been better than expected which is great news for Vodafone - they are effectively getting $16 per month upfront from a growing number of PrePay users whereas before their guaranteed revenue was $0. With calls now rounded up to the nearest minute it's logical that the APRU for an average Supa PrePay user with BestMate & TXT2000 will now exceed that $25 average. That's what I call being smart.

All Vodafone need to do now is start the same way of thinking when it comes to on account plans. It's not about exploiting users, it's about making them feel like they are receiving value for money while setting monthly plan pricing that will grow your ARPU. Offering people compelling plans for around $60 per month which gives them maybe 300 mins of anytime calls/video calls and a large number of SMS's and some included data would be perfect for a large number of users. Offer the plan and the customers will come..

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