Why is upgrading Windows Defender so hard?

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 7-Dec-2006 14:10

Like any Windows user who uses Windows Defender you would have had an upgrade message appear over the past 24 hours because a new version of this software is available. What intrigues me is why Microsoft have made upgrading this software such a big hassle, particularly for Windows users who may not be computer experts. I thought things were supposed to be getting easier, not more complicated!

Step 1:
Click on download box inside Windows Defender, this redirects you to the website.

Click on the button to proceed with Windows Genuine Advantage check.
Install WGA ActiveX toolbar by right clicking and allowing it to run. WGA congratulates me for having a licenced copy of XP. What a waste of time - any h8cker out there knows how to get around this anyway.

Download Windows Defender

Run the downloaded file

Manually close down Windows Defender because installation says it's already running

Read complex licence that basically says our software could send back your private info to MS from your PC but don't worry we won't be identifying you.

Download latest updates

Reauthorise existing apps that I want to keep running that it has identified as security issues.

You've got me MS - I don't think you could make the upgrade process more complex if you tried. No novice computer user will really be able to easily follow these steps and you wonder why Spyware is everywhere..

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