Petrol Price Conspiracy?

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 29-Dec-2006 16:56

There have been quite a few people comment over the past few weeks that petrol pricing in NZ has become inflated as a result of the supermarket vouchers that are now common place and that it the companies can afford to offer discount vouchers then petrol should just be cheaper fullstop.

The Foodstuffs & Progressive vouchers are a split cost between the retailer and the fuel company with both paying a % of the total amount so it kind of proves the above point wrong - a 10c discount at the pump isn't sustainable because the fuel company isn't funding the whole 10c discount.

Because Caltex and Mobil have both lost out to BP & Shell who are participating in the fuel voucher scheme they have both introduced their own marketing campaigns to stop the churn of customers. Mobil have come up with the most braindead idea of all time - spend $4 in your shop and we'll give you 4c per litre off. Hello?? Is anybody home? Why would I want to spend $4 in your shop just to save $3 on petrol? Caltex on the other hand have offered to accept any supermarket fuel vouchers and offer up to a maximum of 4c per litre off fuel.

It did make me wonder today however driving past the Caltex Fuelstop on Hutt Rd in Wellington. This is a self service card only stop and normally has their petrol priced around 1-2c cheaper than other Caltex stations. Their currently price for 91 Unleaded is 137.5 and 142.5 for Premium. This represents a 5.4c discount over the 142.9 price for 91 at other stations.

To me this seems a fairly obvious case that we are paying maybe 4c per litre too much for fuel at the pump. For those of you in Wellington I suggest topping up at Caltex Hutt Rd if you don't have a discount voucher to use elsewhere!

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