Open letter to Russell Stanners - why Vodafone NZ sucks

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 1-Jan-2007 03:56

Well it's happened yet again, Vodafone's UMTS network has crapped itself and appears to have taken the core IP network with it meaning that no 3G user in NZ has been able to send SMS's on one of the busiest nights of the year and data and MMS services have been unavailable for all customer since late last night.

Since you seem to be such a media savvy person and we know that so many Vodafone staff read Geekzone (so you're sure to get this message) maybe you'd like to add your comments to this post and give us your thoughts on how you will improve Vodafone NZ since it's the start of a new year. Since the buck stops at the top of any organisation are you up to it or are you scared to face those who openly criticise you?

So far in the past 2 weeks your UMTS network has suffered 3 major outages. Your customer service sucks. Your loyalty to long term customers is non existant. You are getting your arse whipped by Telecom because you simply can't bring products to the market that users want. You don't give a crap about on account customers who deliver the bulk of your ARPU and you're failing to actually get new customers. Vodafone used to be a brand that brought innovation to the NZ mobile market and was a company and brand that I truely believed in and would have been proud to work for. Now the brand represents nothing but a failure in the NZ mobile market. If it wasn't for the fact your network is such a cash cow you would have been gone long ago and replaced by somebody who knew how to run a business.

I've just got home after celebrating New Years and had a mate so annoyed by the response he got from customer service he's told them where to stick his $400 a month contract and is going out to sign up with Telecom tomorrow. The least you can do after these ongoing network failures is to compensate your customers but I'll put money on the fact you won't because you honestly don't care.

Bring back Graham Maher. At least he knew how to run a network. Even Larry did better job running an underfunded and under resourced BellSouth.

Happy new year.

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