How to rescan your iTunes music folder

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 5-Jan-2007 11:21

If you're an iTunes user you'll realise one of the biggest gripes is that if you add music to your music folder manually (ie copy the file) rather than downloading the software from ITMS you have no way of easily forcing iTunes to rescan the folder and add files to the music catalogue. Since I don't use iTunes it's never really worried me but I was trying to fix iTunes for my girlfriend last night and came across this brilliant app which will rescan your music folder and add the songs to the iTunes database.

Very cool indeed..I just can't understand why Apple don't add this feature to the software!

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Comment by cokemaster, on 5-Jan-2007 11:58

I guess this would apply if you had Itunes set to manage your collection manally rather than the default automatic managaement. 
What I do on the Mac is have Itunes manage my collection. So on the the home drive you have your regular 'Music' folder and then within there you have your itunes music folder....
When you want to insert new music, either just double click it and it will be copied in, or just drag into itunes. Additionally a lot of peer to peer applications on Mac OS X will automatically add the songs to a playlist of your choice. 
Its easy to back up too, I just copy the itunes folder and put it on my ipod... when it comes to reformatting, I just drop the folder back into my Music folder and it picks up all the play lists again...

Comment by Magnus, on 7-Feb-2007 05:24

...or you could simply drag the files/directories into iTunes from the Explorer.

Comment by MadLogik, on 27-Oct-2011 00:25

Hummm... Easier! Just add the folder back into itunes! (I download music "free music of course!") that I store on external storage. When I do add stuff in there, simply go in itunes file / import folder and add it back in. This will only add the new stuff! the only problem: I should get rid of all the playlists files in my library because they show up everytime I do this operation... holding delete while in the playlist in itunes fixes that in less than a second! so no biggie! but yeah... a "re-scan already imported folders" would make more sense ! but hey... if you would have bought all your music from itunes this wont even be an issue ;) just sayin'

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