Telecom price increase - How to save yourself $36.60 per year

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 15-Jan-2007 10:59

I notice today in the Dom Post that Telecom are increasing their Homeline service in the Wellington & Christchurch Regions from $34.80 to $36.00 per month. If you're elsewhere in NZ where TCL don't have a network this will be increasing from $42.20 to $43.60 per month.

If you are in the Wellington or Christchurch area why not move to TelstraClear? You pay $32.95 per month for the same service, can add cable broadband which is *far* superior to ADSL in every respect and can keep the same telephone number?

What reason is there to stay with Telecom?

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Comment by chiefie, on 15-Jan-2007 11:40

Well only 3/4 of Christchurch is cable-serviced, and I think not all part of Wellington area is cabled too. But I agree with you, those that who are within TelstraClear cabled area should consider the migration, and now that TelstraClear offers full number porting from your Telecom NZ number to your new TelstraClear number (basically 2 numbers with one line before April 2007). Just remind them that you expect full porting and not just number forwarding. If they don't understand what you're requesting, just tell them you have fax on your line (even if you don't), that way they will make sure the porting will be instant and not a reminder message saying "The number you that you are calling is now a TelstraClear line xxx-xxxx." Since October 2006, this house is fully Telecom NZ-free.

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