NZ Herald inaccurate reporting yet again!

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 25-Jan-2007 08:54

Jenny Keown has done it yeat again - written a story full of a few facts and then.. FUD

In the story entitled "She's a multi-millionaire and still can't get broadband" it seems that Jenny Gibbs who is worth $30 and lives on Paratai Drive has been trying to get "broadband" for 2 years but can't because the Remuera Exchange is full - even though Telecom said that they only ran out of ports late last year.

It seems that Ms Keown is unaware that Broadband is not a TM of Telecom NZ and that there are other ways of getting "broadband" high speed internet access in Paratai Drive.

How about trying

* Vodafone
* Woosh Wireless
* Wired Country offered by numerous ISP's

I am sure there are other wireless providers who can also provide access - post them as a comment if you want the business! :-)

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