New Wellington Bypass? What a joke!

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 19-Feb-2007 16:56

After spending yet more time stuck in traffic I'd love somebody from Transit NZ to explain why it now takes longer to get across town than it used to? Saying it's a settling in period just doesn't do it for me, there are serious flaws in the whole traffic plan which are causing bottlenecks.

* Why is Northbound traffic on Willis St and Taranaki St limited to turning into the bypass from the left lane only? Willis/Vivian and Tarakani/Vivian used to be 2 left turning lanes with the right lane a turn/straight thru. This worked fine before, why change it now?

* Pedestrians crossing the bypass at Taranaki St have their green cross light on the same phase as turning traffic from Taranki onto the bypass. The result being numerous near misses as (frustrated) motorists tear out of the lights to realise that pedestrians are crossing. Due to the large number of pedestrians who also use this crossing in the afternoon it's not uncommon to sit at lights when they do change to green and then watch 2 or 3 cars go through before the lights turn red. This is probably the prime cause of the usual afternoon bottleneck all the way up Taranaki St past Massey University that simply didn't occur as often prior to the bypass. The same problem also occurs on Willis St. Why can't pedestrians have their own cross phase?

The time it takes me to get from the John St lights to the Terrace Tunnel is now approximately 4 mins on average longer than before the bypass. I was never somebody who was anti the bypass but it certainly seems like a bit of a lemon if it's making the traffic worse not better..

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