BP raises fuel prices by 5c

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 7-Mar-2007 17:59

BP have yet again lead the way by raising fuel prices for Kiwi motorists. The 5c per litre increase in the price of petrol and 4c for diesel occured earlier this afternoon.

Yet again BP have lead the way with a price increase like they have on almost all occasions over the past two years. Regardless of whether the price increase is justified or not BP's world class marketing department can yet again be congratulated for doing their best to exploit kiwi customers, it must be hard knowing that you lead the way in only one thing - ripping off your customers. I'd encourage every BP customer to thank their staff next time you're in a BP store. Unfortunately I won't be doing so as I wouldn't even buy a packet of gum from an organisation such as BP let alone buy my petrol there.

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Comment by guyz, on 7-Mar-2007 18:46

i agree..BP have abused us small people enough...i take my hat off to your for speaking up and doing something..i like will follow your example and avoid all purchases from BP. there is no reason to support a fat bloated fuel supplier such as BP....spread the word and boycot the ******

Comment by cokemaster, on 7-Mar-2007 19:38

Brought from mobil today instead of BP for my weekly 3 litre topup for my scooter :)
Fight the power!

Comment by Jama, on 7-Mar-2007 20:31

Exxon Mobil are probably worse. They are the largest company by revenue and market cap in the world. Their revenue last year was US$377b with a US$39b net income. They produce 6.5m barrels of oil a day. That is 4.7 times the NZ GDP in NZ$

Comment by juha, on 7-Mar-2007 21:00

All praise BP! I for one welcome our new petrol overlords. Damn, why didn't I fill up last week...

Author's note by sbiddle, on 7-Mar-2007 21:44

The real problem in NZ is that people don't shop around for fuel, they will continue to go to the same place, even if it's more expensive. We all love moaning about fuel but do very little about supporting places that sell fuel for cheaper prices. The self service Caltex on Hutt Rd in Wgtn is normally 2c and sometimes up to 6c per litre cheaper than the "normal" fuel price. It's been 5c cheaper for the past 10 days or so and you never see anybody there..

If you were to do what BP did today in Australia BP forecourts would be empty until either other chains increased their price to match or BP backed down. Driving home today the BP in Lower Hutt was chocka full with probably 10 cars and yet the Shell opposite which was still 5c cheaper had 1. Go figure..

Comment by riahon, on 8-Mar-2007 07:18

Has anyone noticed that they will continue to put prices up until their is a huge uproar by the public (and their whipping boy the media) and then the prices stop climbing. In actual fact they will drop, a few measley cents, until the outcry subsides. Lulled into a false sense of acheivement we, the sheep, stop bleeting (and the media get bored about it so move on to analysing their belly button fluff) and then they start all over again - 10c up, 3 cents down.

Might start digging a hole in my backyard - never know your luck.

Comment by Gigs, on 8-Mar-2007 10:16

I was watching TV last week when off sick and there was an Aussie news program on in the morning. (I forget what exactly)

But one cool thing they did was show the top 3 cheapest petrol prices for a few areas (sydney etc) so that people knew where to go for cheap petrol.

Quite nifty I thought.

Comment by TinyTim, on 8-Mar-2007 14:35

The trouble is, 2c/L saved over 50L justn't doesn't add up to much. However, if someone set up a website where we could post petrol prices and changes, I'm sure it would get a lot of traffic.

Author's note by sbiddle, on 8-Mar-2007 18:46

"However, if someone set up a website where we could post petrol prices and changes, I'm sure it would get a lot of traffic."

Is there any point however? Despite all their complaining NZers simply don't seem willing to change their habits or preferred station to actually save money. The proof of this is areas where there are the 3 or 4 chains very close to each other running different pricing (such as 1 or 2 chains increasing prices and the others holding off) and people actually willingly pay more for petrol than they need to. It defies logic really..

Comment by TinyTim, on 9-Mar-2007 09:39

I'd find it useful - after work I drive to Ngaio to pick up the kids. If I had to fill up I'd go to the Ngaio BP because it's easiest. However if I knew Caltex on Hutt was more than 4c cheaper I would go there, it's not much out of the way. (It would have to be more than 4c because we've always got a 4c BP voucher in the car.) If I knew Shell was cheaper I would stop there after picking up the kids.

Comment by TinyTim, on 9-Mar-2007 10:10

Just read this in today's Communications Day (can't find it anywhere else though): TELSTRA FUEL TRACKER Telstra has launched a mobile application providing a daily update on metropolitan petrol prices. The so-called My Fuel service will list prices from suburban petrol stations across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. Data is sourced from an un-named “independent organisation” that Telstra says reports prices for approximately 3,500 service stations across the country. Users can customise the service for a certain area or for specific petrol stations. Maybe we'll see something similar here one day.

Comment by Anne Davidson, on 26-Apr-2007 10:24

See http://www.pricewatch.co.nz/ Welcome to PriceWatch PriceWatch provides a snapshot of the fuel transaction prices throughout New Zealand. The data is a minimum of 24hrs old and is sourced from fuel purchase transactions that are processed by Cardlink Systems using Cardlink provided fuel cards.

Comment by carparknz, on 15-Nov-2007 09:15

Hi All The last post is now a bit dated, but I have just been looking at setting up a webpage where Joe public and service stations can enter the current petrol price in their area. I haven't come across one as yet. I'm prepared to setup and fund all costs for such a website. We could look at the public updating for free with service stations doing the same for a small fee ($5 month ??). If someone is already doing it, fine. Let me know and contribute to it. Like to do same in Aussie as well. Cheers

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