Telecom's WCDMA switch

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 15-Mar-2007 08:07

Juha scooped the story yesterday and if things go as reported Telecom will go ahead with the worst kept secret of all time - a switch to GSM/WCDMA based technology. Ever since they were forced to give up their ETACS spectrum 15 years ago (the ETACS analogue spectrum was the European analogue system and the frequency bands were used by GSM) they have had no option of going down the GSM path simply because they didn't have the required spectrum. They spent big $$ buying 2100MHz UMTS frequencies but we all know how hopeless 2100Mhz networks are (look at Vodafone 3G). Telecom's shutdown of their 800MHz AMPS/DAMPS network gives them valuable spectrum which can now be used for 850MHz WCDMA, the new ratified band that is being used by Telstra's Next G network in Australia and by American carriers who have gone down the AMPS->GSM/WCDMA path.

The big question is who Telecom's partner will be. I've put money on it for years that the 3 brand would appear in NZ with a joint Telecom NZ/Hutchinson deal. Pour a little bit of Telstra in the bucket as well and mix it all up and you never know what could come out.. Telcos see no problem now with building networks as a joint effort and it makes sence. Vodafone could finally see some very serious competition.

This is certainly going to be an interesting next 12 months in the NZ markerplace.

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