Easter Trading

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 9-Apr-2007 09:22

Well another Easter has come (and almost gone) and yet again NZ is caught in in the debate over our retail trading laws. Something needs to be done to address the inconsistancies that exist with our laws so that it's a level playing field for everybody.

I personally don't have an issue with stores being closed on Easter Friday and Sunday however when we have exemptions for "tourist" towns that have no logic behind them you realise things are an absolute shambles. Why should Queenstown be exempt and not Wanaka? Why should Parnell shops be allowed to open but not Newmarket?

To add to the dramas most people don't actually realise that Easter Sunday is *not* a Public Holiday, it's merely a day that most retailers are not allowed to open their doors. As a result of this staff who do normally work on Sundays either have the choice of receiving no pay at all or taking a day's annual leave if they do wish to be paid, an issue that the National Distribution Union obviously forgot to mention when they critisised Bunnings for opening yesterday. Bunnings also paid staff members who did work time and a half as well as giving them an extra day in lieu, again something they didn't need to do.

With several private members bills before Parliament at present lets hope somebody can at least do something to sort out the mess. The most obvious decision would be to keep Easter Friday as a Public Holiday (with no exemptions as there are now) and let all retailers open on Sunday. Failing this Easter Sunday should be legislated as a Public Holiday and all retailers forced with close with no exemptions.

Let just hope somebody does something to sort things out..

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Comment by juha, on 9-Apr-2007 11:14

I have to say though that it's nice to have a longish quiet period like Easter. Also, don't retailers more than make up for loss of revenue over Easter in the run-up to it when people stock up for the days when shops are closed?

But yeah, consistency would be good.

Comment by rscole86, on 9-Apr-2007 11:31

Yes, some retailers do make up for it. From my experience we will do sales similar to a normal week, if sales are more it's not by alot. Therefore the cost of paying people extra is not gained through the extra money in sales. That is paying them on Friday for not turning up to work, and time and a half on Monday.

Author's note by sbiddle, on 9-Apr-2007 11:39

One thing I forgot to mention that really annoys me is the Public Holiday surcharges imposed by businesses on public holidays. Every small to medium sized business has days with good turnover and days with bad turnover. Why charge people extra just because your staff costs are higher? I refuse to ever visit a place that has a public holiday charge and found it even more annoying yesterday seeing several places adding a public holiday surcharge on Easter Sunday which is not a public holiday.

Comment by cokemaster, on 9-Apr-2007 21:28

I think a nice name and shame list would do wonders  

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