NZ $ and exporters

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 20-Apr-2007 11:12

One thing that's annoyed me over the past week has been been a continual obsession by the media of the strength of our NZ$ vs the US$ with it currently trading at close to 25 year highs and our exporters pleading poverty.

One thing that nobody seems to have mention is the fact it's only the US$ that is currently weak and that not everything we import into NZ or export is paid for in US$. Against the UK Pound Stirling we're currently around .37, .55 to the Euro and .89 to the Australian dollar. All of these values are pretty typical of where they have been for the past 3-4 years.

Australia is NZ's largest export market, followed by Japan and then the EU. Export or Import deals to most of these countries will typically be paid for in local currencies. If they are paid for in US$ it will be a conversion from local currency to US$ therefore the value of the US$ is irrevelent.

According to the media people are also rushing to book overseas holidays because of the strong NZ$? Maybe if you're heading to the USA this is a good time to go but for the bulk of us who to go Australia or Euope there is virtually no difference between now any any time over the past few years.

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