Why do Vodafone cripple handsets?

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 25-Apr-2007 07:57

Over the past few years most mobile operators have tried to increase their ARPU by offering nice "walled gardens" portals that are easily accessible from their operator branded handsets. Vodafone have probably put the most effort into this and have heavily tied their Vodafone Live! portal into a large range of Live! branded handsets. Over the years this has caused no end of problems with handsets running slower than the original handset firmware, full of bugs (I had 2 x SE T610's replaced until Vodafone admitted their firmware was so buggy they upgraded the firmware) and using up valuable phone memory with useless files and graphics that can't be deleted.

This has been taken a step further with the recent release of the Nokia E65 and N95 - two awesome new Nokia handsets with WiFI and integrated VoIP through a native SIP stack. Vodafone have crippled the N95 firmware and removed the VoIP function from Vodafone branded handsets meaning you lose an important feature of the phone. With the E65 Vodafone have restricted the SIP client so it will always default to the 3G data connection for VoIP meaning you can't use VoIP over the WiFi connection.

Vodafone NZ are yet to release either of these handsets into the local market so we'll have to wait and see what happens here. In the UK there is a huge backlash occuring against Vodafone and the UK Trading Standards are also encouraging users who have a crippled handset to contact them and Nokia service centres are being flooded with users wanting to have their phones flashed with original Nokia firmware. There are also numerous reports

Rather than admitting they have crippled the handset to stop people using cheap VoIP calling using their handsets Vodafone have responded by saying they have removed VoIP "because it doesn't believe it's a mature technology" ... Yeah right!
If you're after one of these handsets do your homework before you have over your money. I purchased an unbranded parallel imported E65 last week and absolutely love it. I would certainly not be giving Vodafone any of my hard earned money for a handset that is crippled with buggy firmware.

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