Earthquake hits Kent, United Kingdom.

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 28-Apr-2007 20:20

Reports of large scale earth tremors approximately 0820 local time have been confirmed as an earthquake registering 4.7 in the richter scale as reported by the USGS.

Sitting here watching Sky News I can't believe how this is turning into the news event of the year in the UK here's a list of the last 30 earthquakes to hit New Zealand over the past few weeks!

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Comment by Lou Woods, on 28-Apr-2007 20:51

Hi there, I live in Kent UK and the reason its such big news is we never have earthquakes, in fact, in Kent the last one reported was in 1700!

It must be weird for those of you who live with them all the time.

Comment by globalds, on 28-Apr-2007 20:55

Its only the same as snow falling in singapore....Rare enough to be newsworthy

Comment by Sam, on 28-Apr-2007 21:09

I am from the UK although alot further north than the earthquake site. It is so rare in the Uk to have earthquakes that it is really huge news here! Every news station is reporting on it. Although many places in the world have earthquakes frequently, we do not, and it has caused large scale panic in the affected area as we have no procedures for dealing with it. Many people have experienced damage to their homes and do not know what to do. Our buildings are not designed to withstand earthquakes as we do not usually have them. The emergency services are doing their best, but as this is so rare there is no general plan on what they should do. Early reports state that the earthquake measured 5.0 on the richter scale and is the largest earthquake in the world in the last 2 weeks.

Author's note by sbiddle, on 28-Apr-2007 21:26

I guess if you've never felt an earthquake before it would come as a bit of a shock!

Just FYI it's by no means the largest recent quake, the USGS site lists numerous quakes over the past few weeks that are far bigger including numerous ones in the Pacific region over the past few days that were all over magnitude 6.

A list of quakes over the last 7 days is here you can click on the earthquake for more details.

Comment by Annonymus, on 28-Apr-2007 21:28

I felt the eathquake when i was laying in bed early this morning i just thought my bed was breakng or something, then i stood up and all my things on my fireplace started to wobble with me! I was absolutely terrified!!!

Comment by Max, on 28-Apr-2007 21:43

I think its quite funny..

Comment by chelsea hayward, on 28-Apr-2007 21:57

hi i live in broadstairs a small town in kent , these earthquakes are quite weird we never get them down here its a big shock to me,

Comment by Robert, on 28-Apr-2007 22:12

I live in South London, and i have never felt or even heard of an earthquake in the whole of the UK within by lifetime. I am suprised because it is only 2 hours away in the car from South London. and it has come through on the news at 11:00am GMT that it is 4.3 on the Ricker Scale. Also we have the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (Eurostar) through dover going from England to France so their could have been a massive disaster as this rail link goes under the English Channel. (The Channel Tunnel (Eurostar) is running a normal service) Their is a map on this website of where the rail link goes.

Comment by Creamy, on 28-Apr-2007 22:29

Oh the bitter irony, I was born and bred in Folkestone, but live away now. I've have spoken to friends and rele's this morning and they're a bit shaken but taking it with good humor, my 15 year old nephew slept through it, teenagers eh! Although I like to imaging that the town is in chaos with people looting and burning witches, I'm sure that most of the town's first thought was that the tunnel had been nuked or something. It's true though that if it was New Zealand it wouldn't have even made the local newspapers, when I was staying in Queenstown in 2002 we experienced a 4.6, sure people were talking about it next day, but nothing was reported.

Comment by Tracy, on 28-Apr-2007 22:30

Hi there, I come from Folkestone. In 1987 we had a hurricane. It was nothing compared to the storms other parts of the world have to contend with but it is still talked about now! We just don't get extreme weather so it's exciting when we do. I live in Ireland now and have had several calls already from people in Folkestone to tell me about it.

Comment by krzysztof andryszczyk, on 28-Apr-2007 22:33

Hi, This morning at about 8.40 I was watching tv in my bedroom in Ashford and suddenly I felt tremor lasted for about two seconds. I thought it was a strong morning draft. I hope u are ok.

Comment by Ben, on 28-Apr-2007 22:40

I live 5 miles away from where it hit, my house shook like crazy, and I didnt find out what it was till i turned on the tv.

Comment by Martin, on 28-Apr-2007 22:41

Hi, Kent is a generally sleepy part of England,quakes are very rare anywhere in England. The BIG feature is the Channel Tunnel entrance which is very close to the centre of the quake.For the uninitiated the 'Chunnel' as it is known links Britain to France with about 28 mile sof tunnel under the sea. Trains run though it day and night carrying freight and passengers (cars and trucks drive onto the trains for the journey). The operators say that services are uneffected, which seems a somewhat cavalier response. You would have thought that services would have been suspended pending inspection and safety checks but hey... maybe Anglo/French civil engineering is so good that its not a worry. Hope there is not a bigger story about to unfold here...

Comment by Chris, on 29-Apr-2007 01:18

I live in Kent, although not very close to Folkstone. We DO have quite a few earthquakes in the U.K, infact we have earthquakes like the one that hit today every 5 years or so. The earthquake today was the worst one since 2002, not 1700!!! The reason why it's such big news here is because A) It was near the channel tunnel. B) Earthquakes don't usually happen in Kent, although Folkstone did have an Earthquake in 1950. C) It actually caused damage, most of the earthquakes in the UK do not cause damage or injury, thus not usually making it into the news.

Comment by sylvia, on 29-Apr-2007 20:04

Some may not consider the quake in Kent to be newsworthy, and some may even consider it to be "funny" However as previously noted this is a very rare event in these parts. I live near Folkestone, luckily my family were not injured and my property was not damaaged, others were not so lucky, one father had to pull his two children out of the rubble in their home. many people are having to shelter at the local salvation army quarters as their properties were badly damaged and deemed unsafe they do not know when they will get to go home. Spare a thought for these people when posting thoughtless comments.

Comment by TinyTim, on 30-Apr-2007 07:32

I'm just impressed that non of the last 30 earthquakes in New Zealand were in Wellington!

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