BP got pwned

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 22-May-2007 20:44

Following on from yesterday's post (BP raises fuel prices. Unsuspecting Kiwi customers ripped off) it's obvious today that BP's attempt to raise petrol prices forced them to back down yet again. Both Shell and Caltex raised prices to 157.9 this morning. Mobil only increased their price to 156.9 forcing BP to cut 4c per litre off their price and all other's to drop 1c and match the Mobil price.

It's interesting to read BP trying to get bragging rights about reducing petrol by 5c for the second weekend in a row. Maybe Peter Griffiths would like to explain why BP feel it necessary on both Monday mornings to increase petrol back to a point higher than the previous Friday? Your customers know you're scamming them.

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Author's note by sbiddle, on 22-May-2007 21:11

The problem with NZ motorists is that they love moaning about petrol prices but seem to be like sheep when it comes to filling up. They go where they always go and don't actually pay any attention to the price boards. It really does make you wonder if price discounting is even worth it when people are perfectly to pay 5c more for petrol when a cheaper alternative is directly opposite them.

Driving home past VIC Corner in Lower Hutt last night at around 17:30BP was chocka full of cars (probably around 12) depite being 8c more expensive than Caltex who had 1 car on the forecourt and Shell who had around 4. For those who aren't familair with the location Shell and Caltex are opposite each other than BP is around 100m away around the corner.

Comment by rscole86, on 22-May-2007 22:09

AFAIK shell raised their prices lastnight, but only to the 157.9 like you said sbiddle

Comment by cjs6793968, on 23-May-2007 09:58

[rant]If only people realised that it's the customers that ultimately drive prices but it's the customer loyalties that keeps the not so on to it punters returning to the bif offender, ie: BP has AA rewards like Shell has flybuys...but the returns on the rewards aren't actually profitable, IMO. Just like my credit card returns only a 1-2% spend to reward ratio, that is no where near the amount saved by shopping around for the best price!! The worst returns are the 'spend some money instore to get a discount' offers...I won't even go there[/rant] I'm just glad I live in Wellington close enough to a train station.

Comment by lugh, on 23-May-2007 16:12

Speaking of sheep, I think it funny when a station does a one-night only discount of like 8c below the competitors.  Mass queues down the road and the majority of them wouldn't really get that much of a saving.  With my 2L wagon, I worked out that I'd get a saving of about $3.20 - hardly worth the effort (and stress).

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