BP Raises petrol prices by 8c per litre and rips of Kiwi motorists (again)

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 28-May-2007 21:23

Does this sound like a repeat? That's because it is a repeat of my post last week.

In what is a repeat of the past 3 weekends of cheap fuel BP have been the first major chain to raise prices, this time by 8c per litre raising the price of petrol to 159.9 for a litre of 91 unleaded.

My pick is that by tomorrow morning BP will be forced to back down from this increase because nobody else will follow with an 8c price increase and I'll pick fuel prices dropping back to 157.9.

You're pathetic BP. You spend money advertising "cheap fuel weekends" and then rip Kiwi motorists off by being the first to raise prices to a point more than they were before the weekend started, and for the 3rd weekend in a row you're going to get pwned big time when nobody else follows suit.

And to all the mororists out there who support BP - how about spending your money elsewhere rather than supporting a company who's only interested in ripping every hard earned cent they can from you?

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Comment by Grant17, on 28-May-2007 22:06

"And to all the mororists out there who support BP..."

I support GULL wherever possible.  They are the little guy who keeps their competitors honest.

Gull have consistently shown that they are prepared to force prices down by going out on a limb if necessary.  They were also the first to start offering discounts using vouchers from Supermarkets.

More power to GULL

Comment by paradoxsm, on 28-May-2007 23:03

I filled the gas-guzzler last night. Glad I did now! Buy Gull wherever possible, My car seems to run much better on Gull imported fuel when I give it the boot than on our own locally made shyte. There are 4 gulls within 10 KM here so I'm very lucky!

Comment by Grant17, on 28-May-2007 23:29

"My car seems to run much better on Gull imported fuel when I give it the boot than on our own locally made shyte."

Yeah, you're not the first person I've heard say that...

All the other oil companies refine their fuel at Marsden Point and have to put additives in to get the required octane.

These additives can clog up your carburettor jets or fuel injectors.

Gull's fuel however is fully imported with no additives needed.  Burns cleaner and leaves less residue...

Or so I've been told.  Never had any bad experiences with it though, and definitely prefer to buy at Gull whenever possible.

Comment by alasta, on 29-May-2007 06:32

I have to confess that I used to always buy my fuel from BP because they have AA Rewards and I just assumed that prices were the same everywhere. However, more recently I've been using the Pak N' Save fuel stations and will definitely think twice before using BP again in the future.

Author's note by sbiddle, on 29-May-2007 08:28

Pak 'N Save is BP fuel so in a sence you're still supporting BP. It's hard to turn down a 16c fuel discount voucher though!

Comment by nzbnw, on 29-May-2007 11:08

I go to either Mobil or BP only because they have the 98 octane fuel


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