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By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 26-Aug-2007 18:19

Comment by lugh, on 26-Aug-2007 18:59


(just happened to be browsing that section? )

Author's note by sbiddle, on 26-Aug-2007 19:09

I was waiting for somebody to ask that!

For the record I was getting some deodorant which was on the shelf next to it when I noticed the sign.

Comment by rscole86, on 26-Aug-2007 20:00

I'm wanting to know why you were in a Countdown in the first place?

Comment by Aloha, on 27-Aug-2007 16:05

Why are those questions anyway? A geek can't have  a sexlife, or what?

Comment by lapimate, on 28-Aug-2007 11:30

You have done right to draw our attention to that sign - the abysmal ignorance of the law it betrays is of course absolutely appalling and discriminatory. Immediate action by the guvmnt is required, probably a comprehensive campaign in schools to use up some more of that spare time teachers have.“Considered theft”, by whom? “Anyone” knows that the legal definition of theft includes the intention to deprive permanently. If your car is taken for a joyride by some miscreant, that is “conversion” not “theft”, so surely by close analogy the same applies here? Especially if after the joyride (whoops I mean “use”) the article is not removed from the shop but placed back on the shelf.

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