Are NSW Police duping the media in the leadup to APEC?

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 2-Sep-2007 19:16

Anybody who's followed the news in the past 24 hours would be aware of the APEC conference that is about to start in Sydney. Australian media have also been leading with a story raising security fears for the APEC conference due to the theft of 3 Police radios in recent weeks.,23599,22345160-2,00.html


Now lets look at the radio system used by the NSW Police. It's an APCO 25 digital network that supports encryption with the appropiate radios. Radios are "keyed" with an algorithm to decode the encrypted radio traffic which prevents unauthorised people from listening into the system. One of the best features of APCO 25 over other digital systems is it's OTAR - Over The Air Rekeying. Unlike older digital encryption systems where radios had to be rekeyed by individually programming each radio this system allows rekeying of radios over the common air interface. This means that if a radio is stolen or lost then all of the radios on the network can be rekeyed and the missing radios removed from the system which renders them useless.

Either the NSW Police want the media to feed on this story as added justification for their security crackdown since stolen radios would seem to pose a credible security threat or the NSW Police have idiots running their radio network.

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