Telecom reduces the cost of landline to mobile calling.

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 3-Sep-2007 15:16

Big news from Telecom this afteroon.

Telecom have just announced reductions in their landline to mobile calling rates.

What fantastic news!


That's sensational I hear you say!

I knew that reducing MTR's would make my calls cheaper I hear you say!


Telecom's Anytime rate has now dropped from 71c per minute to 67c per minute!

Is this some kind of April fools joke? Are Telecom trying to star on a Tui billboard?

How can you justify a 4c reduction in your Anytime calling rates when the 71c rate was set 16 years ago when mobile termination rates were set at around 45c per minute? That's MTR's are now 20c per minute and falling and all you can do is cut 4c per minute off? How pathetic.

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Comment by Kaos, on 3-Sep-2007 16:21

So you mean to tell me that Ms Gatung was fibbing when she said that Telecom had changed its ways, and was (is) now going to behave in a more competitive manor?

Sounds to me like they're still abusing their monopoly position, and grabbing as much money as they think they can get away with.  I'm not sure how that differs from their previous position.

Does this mean that there will be another 2 year delay in price drops, while the telecommunications commissioner considers whether there should be legislation passed to limit profits able to be made from such termination agreements?

Comment by adamj, on 3-Sep-2007 18:04

The fact that I pay 30c a minute to mobiles anytime on both my VFX and my iTalk lines shows just how much Telecom is making on these calls. Especially when ~50% of the calls they dont pay termination charges on (Phone on their own network)

Comment by bmw15, on 3-Sep-2007 20:24

Hi Steve
You might want to check the wording of your blog above. Its homeline rates that have fallen to 67c. Anytime & Anytime Plus are now 35c & 44c on network and 41 & 51 off net respectively.,8748,204218-203417,00.html?nv=sd

Author's note by sbiddle, on 3-Sep-2007 20:42

I copied it directly from this page,,101743-1032,00.html?link=pahr

Home to Mobile Anytime Plan $0.67 a minute anytime This is the ideal plan for you if you make calls at many different times and days of the week and like the certainty of fixed rate. You can call from home to mobile anytime of the day or night, weekday or weekend for the one flat rate of 67 cents per minute.

You automatically get this plan if you have not requested and received one of our other Home to Mobile plans.

Author's note by sbiddle, on 3-Sep-2007 20:58

I didn't realise Anytime isn't actually "Anytime",8748,204217-1005,00.html?nv=bd

The % discounts on here are wrong anyway

It says 44c per min save 30% off the usual rate but 67c - 30% = 46.9c
It says 51c per min save 20% off the usual rate but 67c - 20% = 53.6

Somebody can't use a calculator! :-)

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