Are Party Pills really more dangerous that Alcohol?

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 10-Sep-2007 10:10

The party pill debate and ban imposed by out of touch MP Jim Anderton shows no sign of going away. Liquor outlets in Manukau City have been told over the weekend to stop selling party pills or face losing their liquor licence.

Hello? Anybody home? It's fine to sell one mind altering drug that has strong links to domestic violence, motor vehicle accidents and unlawful behaviour but it's not OK to sell the other?

I don't agree with party bills and have never taken them but am not anti party pills. I have friends who take them regularly and they go out clubbing, don't drink, and have a great time. I have friends who go out, drink, get into fights and spend the next day ill in bed. Which is the better of the two? Alcohol causes far more problems in our society and yet apart from restrictions on it's sale from licenced premises and only to those over 18 no other restrictions exist. We have a teenage drinking culture in NZ that's getting worse by the day (in part because it's not illegal for those under 18 to actually consume alcohol) and levels of domestic voilence that should be shaming us as a country. 

Obviously banning party pills is far more important for our politicians.. Yeah right.

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Comment by freitasm, on 10-Sep-2007 10:41

"Party Bills" can be dangerous for the citizen... Better fix the title :)

Comment by Diane Gilliam-Weeks, on 10-Sep-2007 11:46

Steve, don't drink or take party pills before writing headlines. Diane in wanaski

Comment by Blair, on 10-Sep-2007 12:26

Im 15 and i had a friend, who way back in primary school days, i played soccer with, he waznt n2 any bad stuff. We went 2 high school, he got hooked on party pills and became a drug addict. theres a reason cannibus, marajuana and party pills r illegal. The reason Alachoal and Smokes are legal because they fund the goverment, if they were banned, the taxs whould sky rocket. The People in Poverty would have even more problems.

Comment by Greg, on 10-Sep-2007 12:34

Reduce Speed - Legalise Cannabis.

Comment by inane, on 10-Sep-2007 12:51

I tell you what, I am yet to hear of a single story where someone has woken up after a night on party pills and not remember what has happened the prior evening.

also, If you speak to emergency department workers in hospitals, and ask them how many people come in with Alcohol related injuires / problems / overdoses,

versus those who come in with party pill related, its pretty minor,

ESPECIALLY when you consider most of the people coming to hospital with party pill issues are having said issue occur due to them mixing the pills with alcohol.

Comment by inane, on 10-Sep-2007 12:54

I thought I might Add, the Manakau city decision agrees with me in a strange way,, as they are allowed to sell one or the other but not both O.o

Comment by rscole86, on 10-Sep-2007 13:09

I may have heard the article wrong here, but did they not say that they could not enforce this ruling at dairy's/supermarkets? So if your local corner dairy sells beer and wine, they will still be able to sell party pills?

Do you need different licenses for dairy's and bottle stores?

Comment by Harrand, on 10-Sep-2007 13:13

apparently since inane hasn't heard of any bad stories about party pills, they must be ok huh?

Comment by rscole86, on 10-Sep-2007 13:23

Hi Harrand, thanks for your wonderful insight!!

I have never heard of any problems either, how many problems have you heard of?

I do not think inane was eluding to personal experience, but more to the fact that you just never hear of it!

How many times do you hear of alcohol related problems vs party pills? 10,000:1 would be a good guess?

Author's note by sbiddle, on 10-Sep-2007 13:35

There have been issues with people taking party pills and also at least one death attributed to them. I'm not saying party pills are without any side effects or any other related issues but simply the fact our politicians will happily sell alcohol because it's a massive revenue earner.

Comment by tonyhughes, on 10-Sep-2007 13:47


Comment by paradoxsm, on 10-Sep-2007 14:13

There is no excise tax on party pills so they removed them.

They should have been regulated a bit better to include a bright  notice stating to "drink lots of water and limit alcohol" would not have been hard.

I'll shortly post the ingredient lists.

Comment by timestyles, on 10-Sep-2007 15:09

I have no problem banning the sale of alcohol, do you?

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