Ford vs LTNZ

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 17-Sep-2007 07:46

For those who haven't been following the news over the weekend Ford NZ are very unhappy with the latest road safety tv ad campaign that has been launched by Land Transport New Zealand. Looking very much like a car ad it shows the driver of a late model Ford Falcon (with badge removed) losing control and ending up rolling down a bank.

Ford are very unhappy that their car is being damaged by this campaign - afterall their car contains traction control that may stop such an accident occuring in the first place and does infer that Ford vehicles are unsafe. I must say I have to agree with them fully. The first time I saw the ad I wondered how long it would take for Ford to be concerned about one of their vehicles being used.

What also concern me though is the fact that LTNZ have completely missed the point with this ad. How many serious crashes that occur are middle aged men driving late model vehicles? How many accidents resulting in injury or death are teenage boy racers driving crappy souped up cars crashing at speed? Why are LTNZ not running a campaign featuring boy racers driving a souped up Mazda Familia doing exactly the same thing?

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