Nokia E and N series VoIP issues with DD-WRT and Sveasoft firmware

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 24-Sep-2007 15:43

I've had an E65 phone since April and one of the features that is great is the VoIP over WiFi capabilities of this phone. It means I can use use my mobile as a cordless phone at home and connect to my Asterisk PBX at home from anywhere I can find WiFi access. 

One issue I've encountered recently was my phone failing to connect to my Asterisk PBX through routers running DD-WRT or Sveasoft Talisman firmware. Both of these 3rd party firmwares are extremely popular with users of Linksys WRT54G/GL routers and will also work with several other brands of router that run on the same chipset. Both of these firmwares turn these routers into extremely powerful units and give you features not found on the standard firmware.

After a bit of time investigating I discovered Asterisk was sending a SIP/401 error back to the phone which was causing the authentication to fail. A bit of searching around led me to some forum posts detailing malformed packets sent by the Nokia SIP stack which were being rejected by the router.

The latest v24 versions of DD-WRT have this problem fixed and the Micro versions of the firmware also work correctly. If you're running Sveasoft Talisman then versions up to 1.2.4 are unaffected by this issue. Versions 1.2.5 and greater are affected due to the inclusion of a new SIP module.

To fix this issue in the new versions of Talisman go to

Administration->Diagnostics->Command Shell and enter the following

nvram set sip_modules=0;nvram commit; reboot

This should hopefully fix the problem!

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