When will Vodafone NZ ever sort out their IVR?

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 16-Oct-2007 20:36

We all know Vodafone NZ have pretty sloppy systems and it's only thanks to the tireless work put in by fellow GZ readers that their website is accurate. It seems very much a coincidence that once issues are pointed out on here that they are fixed within minutes.

The test now will be to see how long it takes to fix these two issues, afterall one has now existed for 6 months and the other close to a year.

If a customer on You Choose rings 777 for an account balance and has TXT2000 you are told you have "x texts to 021/029 mobiles". Since the 1st of April this year when number portability was introduced into NZ 021 or 029 numbers are no longer guaranteed to be on network calls. Vodafone themselves are stuck in the dark ages and even spokeswoman Alison Skyora had this to say last week when a woman was charged $50 for a call to another 021 phone number that she belived was an on network call but infact was now an off network call to Telecom.

Vodafone head of communications Alison Sykora said her company had publicised the changes involved in portability, but it was ultimately the responsibility of phone owners to tell friends of their switch.

Hello? Anybody home at VF????? Did you publicise the change to your own staff, particularly the person responsible for managing the contact centre so the IVR could be updated? Or does the janitor update the IVR and somebody forgot to stick a message on the cleaners cupboard telling him to update the recording?Your IVR is still telling me I can send free TXT messages to an 021/029 mobile but in reality I'll be charged 20c for that TXT if it's to a ported 021 or 029 mobile. I begin to wonder if anybody at VF even realised portability has actually come into play, afterall they're not even interested in new customers porting to their network unless they want to go on a contract. Want to go on prepay? Nah we're not interested in your business.

Along with the inaccuracies with the TXT2000 balance if you're a customer who has the YourTime 200 addon (200 mins to another VF on network mobile) you're told that you have "x included included nights and weekends national minutes" (yes included is said twice). Most people would assume this means you have x included minutes to call a number anywhere in NZ. In reality it means you have "x minutes to another VF on network mobile" but you're just supposed to know that and actually ignore the voice message.

Way to go VF, still as disfunctional as ever. If this is fixed by Wednesday night I'll be full of praise for you. The fact it's been broken for so long however I doubt it'll be the case.


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