KiwiBank - Your marketing sux0rs

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 8-Nov-2007 09:05

This morning while driving into work from Lower Hutt into Wellington we were stuck in slow moving traffic from Maungaraki all the way through to the BP on Hutt Rd. Was there an accident? No. Road works? No. The idiots at KiwiBank had decided to hire a barge with a shipping container it on towed by a tug boat and tow it along side SH2 as a mobile advertising hoarding. This in turn caused a traffic jam as every idiot tried to read the sign.

Great marketing? Maybe. If I could read what it said. The text was so small I couldn't read anything that it said and I've also checked with a few other people who drove in this morning and nobody else knows either because of the size of the text!

Way to go KiwiBank. Waste your money with a billboard nobody can read while holding up the traffic. I certainly won't be moving my accounts any time soon.

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Comment by NokiaRocks, on 8-Nov-2007 09:35

The easy solution is to just get a job in Lower Hutt.

Comment by MrPink, on 8-Nov-2007 10:31


Comment by paradoxsm, on 8-Nov-2007 16:03

Most other banks are cheaper anyway. I will be finishing a blog on this shortly as a couple have very nice options indeed.

Comment by Cindy, on 9-Nov-2007 11:24

Where I work, the marketing department is referred to commonly in staff conversations as the "colouring in department" - it's quite apt, in a shocking way.

Comment by Choice2Choose, on 9-Nov-2007 12:48

I am certain that most, if not all, Banks would prefer not to have to deal with someeone who refers to the other onlookers as "every idiot" as obviously you had taken the time to notice so I assume that you are one of those too :-)

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