I'm now a VFX convert!

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 13-Nov-2007 17:35

I've been trialling VFX's Asterisk support for around a month now and have been so happy with it that today I ported my main phone number from iTalk across to VFX. Since I live in Wellington and have a TelstraClear Cable connection with no requirement for a landline a VoIP phone has been my only landline phone connection for over 18 months now and because of this uptime and voice quality are important to me. 

I'd been happy with iTalk up until their recent platform change which has caused their voice quality to turn to custard and they have also experienced several outages over recent weeks which was the final nail in the coffin. Porting was a painless exercise and so far the customer service from WorldxChange has been superb!

Keep up the good work guys!

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Comment by grant_k, on 13-Nov-2007 19:01

It's interesting to hear what was the catalyst that finally convinced you to move away from iTalk Steve.  I remember that you were quite happy with it for a long time, many months after most other Geekzone regulars had jumped ship.  Oh dear, it really goes from bad to worse at iTalk doesn't it?

And I think it's great the way Maverick and his team have worked with you to integrate Asterisk into VFX.

Is there anything else still on your Wish List regarding VFX/Asterisk/VoIP in general?

Author's note by sbiddle, on 13-Nov-2007 19:59

The problem with iTalk was their voice quality turned to custard with their platform change. iTalk changed all of their backhaul from ulaw to g.729 and have some major transcoding issues somewhere and inbound audio was terrible.

I was extremely happy with the old iTalk and if they hadn't made the platform change I'd still be with them.

Comment by nathan mercer, on 14-Nov-2007 12:03

Will VFX sell you an Auckland number if you are in Wellington (for example) like iTalk will I heard a rumour that part of their agreement is they are only allowed to sell 04 into Wellington, 09 into Auckland physically etc

Author's note by sbiddle, on 14-Nov-2007 12:42

No VFX won't sell you a number out of region. It has nothing to do with any agreement, it's the fact it currently breaches the NAD and no telco should be doing this. It's a limitation that needs to be fixed and hopefully something can be done to resolve this.

Comment by WayneS, on 13-Jan-2008 21:13

I've just spent the hols putting together an trixbox system. looking to move to naked dsl in a couple of weeks.
However I have a problem where calls made thru vfx drop off after 15 mins. Ones connected through pstn go for every & ever. 
Have you had this happen at all? 

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