BP leads the way in ripping off Kiwi consumers

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 21-Nov-2007 17:22

The fear of their 12 month unbeaten record of having lead every petrol price increase coming to an end has today lead BP to yet again raise their petrol prices. Not happy with having sold diesel at 4c per litre more than all the other chains for the past 2 weeks they have today increased the price of both petrol and diesel by another 5c per litre with unleaded 91 now selling for 173.9 and diesel for 127.9

A quick survey on my way home shows that no other chains have yet followed.

BP have lead the way in the NZ fuel market and have been first to increase their price every time over the past 12 months. My quick market research shows the only times BP have been first to drop has been on the 6 occasions where their price increase has not been matched by competitors forcing BP to reduce their price.

BP have been selling diesel at 122.9 for over 2 weeks now whereas Shell, Mobil, Challenge and Caltex have all kept their price at 118.9 and not followed BP's increase. BP also raised their petrol prices by 5c per litre over the busy Labour Weekend period, again an increase that all other chains did not follow on.

If you're a BP customer I think you really need to ask yourself why you're supporting a company that takes pride in always being the first to raise prices and typically the last to drop them... Vote with your feet (and wallet) and go elsewhere. Don't give them your money. Boycott BP.

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Comment by wmoore, on 21-Nov-2007 18:28

I saw the little man at Mobil changing his prices.

Comment by Madmax77, on 21-Nov-2007 19:31

I hate it when the little men change the prices...speaking of little people...check this out

Comment by bradstewart, on 21-Nov-2007 19:56

I go to BP but only because my car needs Ultimate to run

Comment by bradstewart, on 21-Nov-2007 19:56

Also I get 4c off per litre as I do my shopping at New World

Comment by nzbnw, on 21-Nov-2007 21:46

Like Brad, I go to BP because of the 98 octane fuel, but some Mobil stations offer that also. And those fuel discount vouchers from New World.

Comment by riahon, on 22-Nov-2007 05:47

My wife discovered a little gem. We (meaning she) usually shops at Countdown and the discount is often 4c or 6c. Recently she visited a friend on the other side of town and decided to shop at Woolworths and for the same amount of spend she got a 10c petrol discount.

We buy from Shell anyway.

Author's note by sbiddle, on 22-Nov-2007 06:41

Caltex will accept any supermarket petrol vouchers as well. Typically they only accept 4c per litre off but dependong on the deal going at the local supermarkets this will extend to 10c - they generally all have big signs outside now advising of this discount.

Up until about a week ago Lower Hutt has had some of the cheapest fuel in the country with 15c off vouchers from Pak 'n Save, Countdown, Woolworths and New World for spending $40 that has been going on for probably close to a year now. This has now dropped to 10c per litre.

Author's note by sbiddle, on 22-Nov-2007 06:45

One thing that is facinating as well is that people seem willing to move to a different supermarket to save a few c more per litre which can yet don't move fuel companies to save money. BP for example were 5c per litre more on fuel for an entire week over Labour weekend and I heard from a good source that they had no noticeable drop in turnover. This lead them to increase their diesel price and run with a 3c litre premium over all the other chains over the past few weeks.

NZers seem to be love complaining about petrol pricing and shop around to get discount vouchers yet don't even stop to think when it comes to actually purchasing the fuel to ensure they're getting the best deal. It's quite facinating..

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