BP wishes Kiwi's a Happy Easter and raises Diesel by 5c per litre

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 19-Mar-2008 17:35

The lovely folks over at BP have done it again - they've lead the way today by raising Diesel by 5c per litre which now makes them 6c per litre more than every other player in the fuel industry (since they were 1c more up until today).

I just don't know why people continue to support a company who pride themselves in leading the way in petrol price increases having now lead every fuel increase in NZ for the past 17 months.

Avoid getting ripped off this Easter. Don't visit BP.

UPDATE: 20th March

BP have now been forced to drop their diesel back to 133.9 after the market didn't move with them and they were left hung out to dry. This is still a 1c premium over all the other major retailers who are still selling diesel at 132.9

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Comment by rscole86, on 19-Mar-2008 18:20

What we need is the consumers institute taking part, just like in Australia.

Comment by CJ, on 19-Mar-2008 19:21

Instead of those stupid boycott all petrol stations that someone tries to organise every year, someone should start up a website which says boycott (in this case) BP as they raised prices first and if possible go to XX as they were the last to put up prices. By putting out that info, it could drive behavior (where possible) and the petrol companies might try to be the last to push prices up rather than the first.

Comment by johnr, on 19-Mar-2008 19:28

I refuse to purchase anything from BP they always like to lead first in Higher prices!!

Comment by allstarnz, on 19-Mar-2008 19:53

yeah, BP are the worst of the lot, often 1c more expensive and to pump their prices up.  Thieving busteds

Comment by photoman, on 20-Mar-2008 09:55

Unfortunately we can't avoid being ripped off as all the other petrol stations will follow suit. What really pi**es me off about all this is that these are the ones who should be the last to increase their prices. In most other markets, it's the small fry (like Gull) who don't have the same buying power, and have to increase prices first.

And just to add to BPs insult, the news this morning said the cost of crude dropped by $6 per barrel, but we wouldn't see a price drop as a result. Strange that when it goes up by $1 they up the price straight away, but take ages to drop it, using every excuse in the book.

Author's note by sbiddle, on 20-Mar-2008 10:28

"Unfortunately we can't avoid being ripped off as all the other petrol stations will follow suit"

That's not entirely correct. BP have been caught out of numerous occasions over the past year when they have raised prices and nobody else has followed. This has resulted in them having to back down again.

This happened over Labour Weekend last year when BP raised prices and had petrol and diesel for expensive that all the other chains for over a week. Nobody followed suit and BP were forced to back down.

Just recently BP had diesel that was 5c per litre more than every other chain for more than a week. When the other chains did raise their diesel to 127.9 to match BP then proceeded with another price increase.

In regards to boycotting stations who raise their prices first all you need to do is boycott BP - they are *always* the first to raise prices and have lead every price increase in the past 17 months. The only time they have lead when it comes to decreasing petrol has been when they have raised it and had to drop their price when nobody else followed.

Comment by john samson, on 5-May-2008 19:18

BP suck big time . I work for them ( not service stations ) and they screw us hard. I dont go to BP service stations on principle.Shell and BP are like brother and sister..if you want to make a diff..go to Mobil.

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