Watch your wallet if you shop Domino's Pizza!

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 6-Apr-2008 19:25

I had Domino's pizza for dinner tonight and noticed that once again I received a receipt that has coupons printed on the back. One of these coupons is for "Unlimited large Pizzas from $7.90 each pickup" and the fine print lists a $2 surcharge for chicken, shrimp and half and half pizzas (voucher code CV2V)

Unfortunately it appears several months ago Domino's put their surcharge up to $2.90 for chicken, shrimp and half and half pizzas so the voucher and their stores seem completely unaware of the fact they are handing out coupons to every customer that are misleading and incorrect. If you're using one of these coupons make sure you're not overcharged as the stores don't seem interested in removing their old till rolls and apparently all their stock has the same $2 price printed on it.

I'm also rather annoyed at the way they handle "buy 1 get 1 free" vouchers such as the one currently on Tui 15kpk's. The only condition is that the pizza must be of equal or lesser value.

This is blatently misleading as as I cannot get two pizzas for the price of one using this coupon! If I use an example of a full price bbq chicken pizza @ $10.90 and $2.90 surcharge for chicken this will give me a total cost $13.80 if I buy 1 pizza. Unfortunately Domino's way of thinking is that I have to pay the $2.90 surcharge for my "free" pizza, this means it costs $16.70 to get 2 pizzas. So much for buy 1 get 1 free!

Why should I have to pay a $2.90 surcharge on top of this to get a 2nd "free" pizza? To me free means free - not $2.90

Come on Domino's - sort out your systems.

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