Shame on you BP - increasing fuel prices yet again!

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 17-Apr-2008 17:15

Once again BP have lead the market and today raised their prices for both petrol and diesel.

They've maintained their record of having lead every single price increase in the New Zealand marketplace in the past 17 months.

Unleaded 91 has now risen 3c to 185.9 in the major centres. Diesel has risen by 5c to 151.9 and both of these price points are new record prices for the New Zealand marketplace.

As of late this afternoon no other fuel company had announced that they would be following suit.

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Comment by allstarnz, on 17-Apr-2008 18:54

geez this post is like de-ja-vu 

Comment by K P Tnay, on 17-Apr-2008 22:24

Actually, I see Caltex raised their price to match BP's too....

Comment by paradoxsm, on 17-Apr-2008 23:37

Bl00dy h3ll, It;s an unbeaten track record for them.

I am selling my car, I have not used it in two weeks and doubt i'll be using it much any more as it's a fortune to run so out it goes :-(

Author's note by sbiddle, on 18-Apr-2008 07:51

Where did Caltex raise their prices last night?

Live CardLink data from this morning shows Shell & Caltex stores this morning in the major metropolitan areas have not yet raised their prices. Prices have been raised in a few other areas but these are areas who aren't on the main pricepoint anyway.

Comment by NZtechfreak, on 18-Apr-2008 08:27

I've boycotted BP for a long time now because of their pricing strategies. I suggest others do the same, after all, at the end of the day you're doing your wallet a favour spending your cash elsewhere...

Comment by K P Tnay, on 18-Apr-2008 09:56

Most Auckland Caltex stations raised their prices yesterday afternoon, probably around the same time BP did. Dominion Road, Manukau Road, and Newmarket are those that I know of. I went into a Caltex to use my Pak N Save 6c Fuel Docket only to be told only 4c discount will be given despite it being a 6c Docket. So, be warned!

Author's note by sbiddle, on 18-Apr-2008 10:20

Caltex stations typically only give up to 4c discounts for fuel dockets, the discount they give is clearly listed outside all Caltex stations who participate in this scheme.

In some situations such as in Wgtn were fuel discounts have been up to to the 10-15c over the past few months Caltex stations have increased this accordingly.

There isn't a lot of Auckland data on Price Watch today yet but Caltex Manurewa were still cheap this morning!

Price ResultsCALTEX Auckland 91  Site Name Address Suburb Postcode date PriceCALTEX STARMART MANUREWA324 GREAT SOUTH ROADMANUREWA170218/04/2008 08:56$1.819

Shell pricing in Auckland was still unaffected this morning as well

Price ResultsSHELL Auckland 91  Site Name Address Suburb Postcode date PriceSHELL ASH STREET84 ASH STREETAVONDALE100718/04/2008 08:19$1.819 SHELL GREVILLE ROAD43 GREVILLE ROADBROWNS BAY131118/04/2008 09:31$1.819 SHELL NORTHCROSS849 EAST COAST ROADBROWNS BAY131118/04/2008 07:58$1.819 SHELL RATA STREET62 RATA STREETNEW LYNN100718/04/2008 07:56$1.819 SHELL ROSCOMMON ROADROSCOMMON ROADWIRI170118/04/2008 08:28$1.819 SHELL TITIRANGI423 TITIRANGI ROADTITIRANGI100718/04/2008 06:04$1.819

Caltex in Wgtn don't yet appear to have moved.

Price ResultsCALTEX Wellington 91  Site Name Address Suburb Postcode date PriceCALTEX BASIN RESERVE28 ADELAIDE ROADWELLINGTON600118/04/2008 09:49$1.829 CALTEX BROOKLYN291 OHIRO ROADWELLINGTON602118/04/2008 08:31$1.829 CALTEX CHAPEL STREETCNR CHAPEL & WRIGLEY STREETSMASTERTON592118/04/2008 09:58$1.829 CALTEX PORIRUAPARUMOANA STREETPORIRUA600618/04/2008 07:08$1.829 CALTEX RAILWAY AVENUE20-34 RAILWAY AVELOWER HUTT600918/04/2008 08:20$1.829 CALTEX RIMUTAKA1193 FERGUSSON DRIVEUPPER HUTT501818/04/2008 08:11$1.829 CALTEX STOKES VALLEY7 STOKES VALLEY RDSTOKES VALLEY600818/04/2008 09:37$1.829 CALTEX UPPER HUTT749-755 FERGUSSON DRIVEUPPER HUTT501818/04/2008 07:42$1.829 CALTEX WAINUIOMATA14-16 THE STRANDWAINUIOMATA600818/04/2008 09:21$1.829 SOLWAY SERVICE STATION216 HIGH STREETMASTERTON590118/04/2008 09:16$1.829

Shell also haven't raised prices in Wgtn

Price ResultsSHELL Wellington 91  Site Name Address Suburb Postcode date PriceSHELL CHAPEL ST80 CHAPEL STMASTERTON581018/04/2008 08:49$1.829 SHELL CROFTON DOWNS110 CHURCHILL DRIVECROFTON DOWNS600418/04/2008 07:46$1.829 SHELL HARBOUR CITYCNR WHITMORE ST & CUSTOMHOUSE QUAYWELLINGTON600118/04/2008 08:31$1.829 SHELL HIGH STREET834 HIGH STREETLOWER HUTT600918/04/2008 10:02$1.829 SHELL HUTT PARKC/- PARKSIDE & SEAVIEW RDSLOWER HUTT600918/04/2008 08:36$1.829 SHELL KILBIRNIE16 COUTTS STREETWELLINGTON600318/04/2008 10:13$1.829 SHELL MANA143 MANA EPSPLANADEMANA600618/04/2008 09:45$1.829 SHELL MIRAMAR27 MIRAMAR AVEMIRAMAR600318/04/2008 09:03$1.829 SHELL MOONSHINE51-53 MOONSHINE ROADUPPER HUTT 18/04/2008 10:09$1.829 SHELL MUNGAVIN AVE1 MUNGAVIN AVEPORIRUA600618/04/2008 08:51$1.829 SHELL PETONECNR HUTT & JACKSON STSLOWER HUTT600918/04/2008 09:59$1.829 SHELL RAILWAY AVE25 RAILWAY AVELOWER HUTT100618/04/2008 09:36$1.829 SHELL TARANAKI STREET155 TARANAKI STREETWELLINGTON600118/04/2008 09:23$1.829 SHELL TRENTHAM430 FERGUSSON DRIVEUPPER HUTT501818/04/2008 08:22$1.829 SHELL V I C CORNER545-555 HIGH STREETLOWER HUTT600918/04/2008 08:06$1.829

Comment by barf, on 18-Apr-2008 12:54

if you wanted your money's worth you wouldn't be buying 91 RON!! why bother with 91????

Comment by photoman, on 18-Apr-2008 15:11

It's all well and good boycotting BP, but unfortunately all the other companies bump their prices up soon after. They are just one big cartel. One puts their prices up, they all do.

They keep using excuses for upping the price at the slighest notice, but it takes a hella change in the market before they even drop it 1c.

Author's note by sbiddle, on 18-Apr-2008 19:02

"It's all well and good boycotting BP, but unfortunately all the other companies bump their prices up soon after. They are just one big cartel. One puts their prices up, they all do."

But that's not entirely true. There have been numerous occasions over the past few years were BP have been forced to back down after increasing prices and nobody else followed suit. Labour weekend last year was a classic example - BP increased their prices just before the holiday weekend and by the following Tuesday when nobody else had joined them they were forced to back down.

BP increased their prices again before Easter this year and nobody else followed until after the Easter weekend.

I agree that that are one big cartel but out of the players BP are by far the worst so since we are forced to buy petrol why support a company that's at least not quite so bad?

Comment by M Bearsley, on 13-May-2008 12:50

Does anyone know why the Government is allowing this to go on? Sure they say it is pegged to the cost of crude oil, but, 1/ They can afford the high price so they don't care. 2/ There are huge reserves of oil off the South East coast of NZ that they have known about for fifty years and are only know thinking about. We could supply our own fuel and even export it. 3/ The average NZer is so bloody apathetic that the Government can watch the poor average Joe get ripped off time and time again, and not have to worry about a revolt against it. What can we do? Get on to your MP and and tell them your vote will go to anyone who will start sorting this fuel scam out fast no matter what party they represent. What the hell does party loyalty matter now? 4/ The Government is justifying using the high fuel charges to support their global warming agenda, never mind those who must have transport to survive or have given up everything they can't afford and now only have their mobile home to live in. The Government leaders should be aware that the buck stops with them personally and there are many NZers who have now had enough.

Comment by John Hieatt, on 22-May-2008 21:29

Yes it always seems to be bp that puts thier prices up first. Motorist should boycott bp where possible.

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