How to get the cheapest petrol in New Zealand

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 24-Apr-2008 08:25

Don't shop at BP!

On Tuesday morning BP yet again lead the way by increasing their price of petrol by 3c per litre and diesel by 5c per litre. BP have lead every fuel price increase in New Zealand over the past 17 1/2 months.

Lots of people (including the AA) keep saying that it makes no difference who you support as they all raise their prices very soon afterwards anyway. Why is is then that 48 hours afterwards no other fuel chain in New Zealand has raised their prices to match BP? Some Chevron (company owned Caltex sites who make up about 10% of the total number of Caltex sites) did temporarily raise their price but have since dropped back.

Gull even responded yesterday by *dropping* their prices by 5c per litre. This meant you could buy a litre of 91 for 8c per litre less than the price charged at BP. This competitive reaction was matched by many other fuel companies with sites located near Gull who all dropped their prices and still have these lower prices this morning.

If you've been to BP and filled up with 91, 95 or diesel and been overcharged in the past 48 hours I'd love to know why you went there and were happy to pay more for your fuel than you needed to. Do you like paying too much for all products & services or is it just petrol? 

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Comment by riahon, on 24-Apr-2008 08:49

Ahh! Now I know why the Mobil petrol station near work is often more than the one near home, there is a Gull station nearby.

Comment by chiefie, on 24-Apr-2008 09:25

I shop at Shell and use my Countdown/Woolworth 4c discount.

Comment by freitasm, on 24-Apr-2008 09:30

Last time I stopped at Shell and used a $.20 discount per liter - on a full tank that was exactly $10 savings on a single stop.

Comment by chiefie, on 24-Apr-2008 12:31

How do you get a 20cents discount per liter?!! I've only had 4cents one.

Comment by TinyTim, on 24-Apr-2008 13:41

A month or so back Woolworths and New World (etc) were giving out 20c vouchers, for a week or so. Certainly makes a difference.

Comment by DjShadow, on 24-Apr-2008 17:38

I drove past Mobil and Shell on the way home tonight and noticed they have dropped their prices, I don't know if its perm or temp but Mobil and Shell are sitting at $1.829 for 91 now, BP is still holding at $1.889 so they must be doing it hard (good job!). We have a self serve gull station here in Hamilton which works the same as pak n' save fuel, they are always 5c/l below everyone else, I can't use them tho as I use 95 fuel and they only have the option of 91 and 98 (force 10 biofuel)

Comment by TinyTim, on 28-Apr-2008 11:34

Shell is still cheaper than BP as of last night.

Comment by amanzi, on 29-Apr-2008 12:57

I emailed BP to see what they would say about it. The lady that responded was polite but avoided my question about why BP were always the first to raise their prices.

Dear Stuart,

Thank you for your email. I apologise for the delay in responding, as I
had to do some research myself in order to provide you with the
information you requested.

BP Oil NZ appreciates your feedback and comments regarding our fuel
prices. Your suggestions give us time to reflect on how we run our
business and it is at this moment I would like to take the opportunity
to briefly explain how the fuel prices are derived within the market.

Petrol and Diesel prices in NZ are not determined from international oil
prices but from international refined product prices. These sometimes
follow the same trends but also at times they move independently of each

Currently refined product is remaining high due to high demand in the
northern hemisphere and lowering stocks.

The price of petrol in New Zealand is also effected by fluctuations in
exchange rate, freight charges, govt mandated standards (low
sulphur/biofuel) and taxes.

The cost of international refined petrol and diesel started to increase
prior to Christmas and had increased significantly before New Year. The
claim that we were quick to increase prices is untrue, refined product
prices had been on the increase for around 10 days before we increased
the price at the pump in NZ.

The NZ dollar cost of international refined petrol is up 7% since the
price decrease of December 3rd the product component of the pump price
(pump excluding taxes) has risen by 4%.

We assure you that your comments will assist us in our ongoing efforts
to achieve total customer satisfaction. We welcome your experiences
which help in our drive for excellence and we appreciate the opportunity
that you have given us to review our performance.

Thanks and regards

Marilyn White

Customer Enquiries Advisor
BP Oil New Zealand
0800 800 027

Comment by Ian, on 19-Mar-2012 21:31

I think that anybody who thinks they are getting a deal by using Woolworth or Paknsave dockets to receive a discount are blind as the service stations they support are normally 8 to 10c dearer than gull or Mobil. They are being deceived by the advertising. Good luck

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