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By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 1-May-2008 09:54

As we know BP are a bunch of idiots. They've lead every petrol price increase in the NZ marketplace for the past 18 months, consistantly raise their prices for long holiday weekends and in general shaft their customers.

People seem to have the misconception that all fuel companies charge the same price or when one raises their prices that all the others follow immediately. This is absolute rubbish! Over the recent Easter and Anzac weekends BP have had fuel prices up to 9c more than other fuel companies for up to a week.

If you're somebody who buys petrol then look around - not every site from every fuel company charges the same price. The only thing that can virtually be guaranteed is that BP *will* have the most expensive fuel.

Now you can do your bit! Visit this site and do your bit!

And for those people who have followed by blog and anti BP rants in the past this is not my site - there are other people out there who dislike BP even more than me!! Smile

Edit: Today the NZ Herald have run both a story on pg2 and also a letter to the editor from AA. The AA are trying to distance themselves from the growing discontent with BP's pricing strategy. The reality is however that the AA can't distance themselves from BP - they are a partner with them. If the AA were serious about distancing themselves from BP they would have issued a press release last week encouraging their members not to shop at BP because they were in effect paying between 3c and 9c more for their fuel compared to every other chain. Had the AA done this I would have put money on it that BP would have buckled under the pressure and backed down on their price increase. By not doing this AA in effect were supporting BP's pricing strategy.

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