Don't just boycott BP - boycott the AA as well

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 12-May-2008 18:29

As we all know the New Zealand Automobile Association are in bed with BP. Since the AA partnered with BP in their AA rewards program the AA have suddenly become very quiet when BP raise their fuel prices. This has been particularly noticeable over the past 18 months when BP have lead every price increase in the country. No longer do we hear the AA condemning fuel price increases like they used to do in the old days.

Today the AA have come out *justifying* BP's price increase today of 5c per litre saying that due to "falling margins" it's justified.

Excuse my english but WTF?

Exactly who do the AA think they are fooling? No other fuel company has raised prices and while margins have been falling over the past week why should the AA be accepting any increase when fuel prices are already at record highs?

I'd put money on it right now that if the AA publically condemned BP's price increase and advised all AA customers to avoid shopping at BP that we'd see an about face by BP and a backdown on their increase.

But no - the AA are too worried about their commercial agreement and instead don't give a shit about the motoring public of New Zealand. They are not an impartial organisation, they're puppets for BP.

Do your part - visit for contact details to make sure you get the message through to the AA.

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