Don't just boycott BP - boycott the AA as well

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 12-May-2008 18:29

As we all know the New Zealand Automobile Association are in bed with BP. Since the AA partnered with BP in their AA rewards program the AA have suddenly become very quiet when BP raise their fuel prices. This has been particularly noticeable over the past 18 months when BP have lead every price increase in the country. No longer do we hear the AA condemning fuel price increases like they used to do in the old days.

Today the AA have come out *justifying* BP's price increase today of 5c per litre saying that due to "falling margins" it's justified.

Excuse my english but WTF?

Exactly who do the AA think they are fooling? No other fuel company has raised prices and while margins have been falling over the past week why should the AA be accepting any increase when fuel prices are already at record highs?

I'd put money on it right now that if the AA publically condemned BP's price increase and advised all AA customers to avoid shopping at BP that we'd see an about face by BP and a backdown on their increase.

But no - the AA are too worried about their commercial agreement and instead don't give a shit about the motoring public of New Zealand. They are not an impartial organisation, they're puppets for BP.

Do your part - visit for contact details to make sure you get the message through to the AA.

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Comment by davide, on 12-May-2008 18:46

I did email the AA as per the boycottBP website. Got back a stock letter basically saying that no, of course they were acting in the motorist's best interests, blah blah. Myself, I get the train to work. At $1.80 a litre I save about $2 a day getting to work, just on petrol costs (not to mention car running costs). And that's commuting 4 days a week, the more I travel... the cheaper it is as I have a monthly pass.

It's stupid... I appreciate that various people don't want to lose money by selling the gas... but come on people!

My solution is to fillup fortnightly, at Mobil, and to buy milk at the same time, saves 4c/ litre and also saves the hassle of needing to spend $50~ or more to get a discount coupon.

Oh for the days of petrol being less than $1 a litre... :(

Comment by TinyTim, on 13-May-2008 08:09

Sounds to me like BP needs a restructure to lower its costs!

Filled up at the yellow scallop yesterday. There's a BP down the road. I asked the guy if he noticed an increase in business on the days BP raised their prices. He said no, busy as usual. Not sure whether that means people don't care or whether they already boycott BP all the time...

Comment by CJ, on 13-May-2008 08:23

Saw this quote in a story on stuff: For the rest of New Zealand, the Automobile Association is recommending that motorists boycott petrol stations that lead price rises as BP increases its fuel charges ahead of competitors.

Author's note by sbiddle, on 13-May-2008 08:25

That's the thing that really fascinates me - BP are now openly 5c more than all the other chains yet customers are still visiting their stores, filling up, and happily paying more for their petrol than they need to.


We've been hearing people complaining for weeks about prices and yet when they can save 5c per litre they choose not to. It really does make we wonder about the intelligence of many people.

Comment by barf, on 13-May-2008 17:28

WRT "No other fuel company has raised prices"

No other fuel company is providing petroleum distillate of the same octane, IF the petrol WAS the same petrol as at competing stations then maybe the other companies would raise their prices, that is blatantly not the case and it is naive to complain to BP or the AA for raising the price of THEIR product which as in any other industry when you have a superior product, you charge a premium.

look at the prices and stop frivilously complaining about better fuel costing more!
BP 95RON = 1.949
Shell 95RON = 1.949
GAS Alley 95RON = 1.949
BP 98RON = 2.029
are you noticing a trend?
yes, they're charging more for better fuel. and i still hate capitalism's disregard for altruism but I make a living working for a business just like you.

let's go nuclear (Toshiba 4S), give these hippies a bus and some candles and make the future a better place.

Comment by Macros, on 13-May-2008 19:53

Barf: Mobile also sells 98RON (Synergy 8000), but it's not as expensive as BP. Gulls Gull Force 10 is also 98RON. And again, not as expensive as BP's Ultimate.

Comment by TinyTim, on 20-May-2008 12:09

You must be having some effect! Apparently BP were only fourth to raise their prices with yesterday's increase (after Mobile, Caltex and Shell).

Author's note by sbiddle, on 20-May-2008 13:19

Yes it appears that BP's 26 month record has been broken! The last time any other fuel company increased prices was March 2006.

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