Woosh & Telecom - together at last

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 15-May-2006 08:55

I guess the inevitable has happened & Woosh have realised they are a lame duck who will be out of business by Xmas unless they can roll out a network that can actually work. There have been many people out there (like myself) who have always said that Woosh was a lot closer to Telecom than they made out. Telecom believed Woosh being successful would prove there was no case for ULL in NZ, things just haven't quite worked out that way and now Woosh have accumulated losses of $120 million and investors who have no hope of ever getting a return but have no choice put to pump more money into a lame duck or close it down. This announcement could be rather interesting and makes you wonder if Telecom simply did a deal to stop somebody else (Slingshot anybody?) getting access to Woosh's existing cellsites to add WiMax gear too


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