The world's best Hot Chocolate (tm)

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 9-Jun-2008 20:29

While in Sydney last week I had the opportunity to visit Chocolateria San Churro (on more than one occasion I must admit!) and as a chocoholic myself I have recommend their Spanish Hot Chocolate as the best I have ever had.

The cheesecake complete with icecream and chocolate sauce also comes very highly recommended but take my advice - consuming both in a single visit may leave your blood sugar levels just a little on the high side! :-)

So if you love chocolate and are in Sydney or Melbourne (they are expanding their store numbers) then a visit should be top of the list. It's an 11/10 in my books!

As somebody who visits Australia quite regularly I can definately say I'll be back as soon as I hop off the plane!

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