DSE staff training (or lack of it)

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 9-Aug-2008 15:33

An overheard conversation between two staff and a customer while looking around my local DSE store this afternoon.

"All these TV's are showing a high definition 720p picture" - funny how they were all showing the Olympics on TVNZ Sport Extra which is only a 576i SD channel.

Come on - it's no wonder the general public are confused about TV's and technology when you have idiots like this working for your company.

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Comment by joker97, on 9-Aug-2008 17:19

Public are confused about our HD (or any) technology?! Only if they know technology existed!

1) I have tried to get a few Christchurchians exited about Freeview HD for the last 6 months and ALL their replies were - uh ok we don't want to buy a satellite dish. Then i'd say don't need one, and you can watch tv in HD - reply: hi definition? what's that!

and there are many more stories ... oh well i guess GZ-ers are of a different species or at least a different race altogether 

Comment by TheBartender, on 9-Aug-2008 18:39

Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought the Olympics are to be shown in HD via the DTT Freeview platform...

The channel may normally be SD, but for this event it is be shown in HD is it not?

I cant find a reference to the exact def used in media though...

Beijing 2008 will also be the first Olympics broadcast in high definition.  TV ONE's coverage of the Games will be available in HD via the DTT Freeview platform, so that viewers with HD-capable televisions can get closer to the action than ever before.

Comment by chiefie, on 9-Aug-2008 18:39

Check out TelstraClear Shop on Uniden LCD. It has Full HD 1080p yet the panel is capable of HD Ready, 1388x768. https://www.telstraclearshop.co.nz/telstraclear/shop/Todays+Specials/TL42TZ1-AW.html?id=6c4SQWgr

Author's note by sbiddle, on 9-Aug-2008 18:40

TV1 is HD but TVNZ Sport Extra is a SD channel.

Comment by chiefie, on 9-Aug-2008 18:40

TVNZ One is in HD, but not TVNZ Sports Extra (chnl 20 on Freeview HD).

Comment by BlakJak, on 9-Aug-2008 20:09

Could be all sorts of reasons.
DSE run regular training for their staff but its hard to enforce attendance (is usually outside normal working hours) and part timers are often hard pressed to attend stuff that occurrs when theyre not usually rostered to work. 

Still, employees should at least have some written material to refer to...

Comment by Quidam, on 10-Aug-2008 09:46

Milage varies.  Some guys who work there are very knowledgeable, but you always find holes.

In reality, compared to somewhere (like LV Martin) they actually aren't too bad.  The sort of BS I've heard from places like that is unbelieveable -and a good reason why you should always do your own research.

Comment by phil, on 21-Aug-2008 08:44

To the person who made the original post. If you are so smart why don't you get a job at DSE and show us how it is done. The staff in these stores deserve a medal if you care to watch just what they have to tolerate from the average punter. Whatever they are being paid isn't enough. It seems they are expected to know all and every facet of technology, which is plainly not possible but apparently people like yourself expect them to know everything. Grow up and stop being a smart arse.

Author's note by sbiddle, on 21-Aug-2008 08:52


If only you knew what my day job was..

DSE are NZ's biggest Freeview retailer and should know their stuff. Telling customers bullshit isn't acceptible.

Comment by adamj, on 7-Sep-2008 19:03

Reminds me I need to write about what Farmers in Napier are showing. I was in there when I was in the HB on holiday. They are showing 'HD' pictures running off a DVD player connected to several panels in daisy chane over a COMPOSITE connection.

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