Section 92a - the scariest law to ever be introduced into NZ?

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 10-Oct-2008 12:15

As many people will know NZ's new Copyright laws have been in place for some time now. One provision of this law has now yet taken effect, in part because it has proven to be highly controversial.

From February 2009 section 92a of the act will take effect. It will force ISP's to disconnect your service if there is reason to believe you are breaking the law by trading in copyrighted material. There is no burden of proof - if somebody you dislike complains to your ISP that you downloaded a song illegal you will get cut off. You are guilty. There is no jury.

A meeting took place yesterday between Judith Tizard (the minister responsible for the introduction of the law) and other parties who strongly object to this law. Tizard as always showed in the past that she has absolutely no understanding of reality and lives on another planet. Judging from comments made by her in yesteday's meeting it's obvious that she still fails to understand anything.

It's a real shame that some washed up minister who won't be around in the next Parliament has the power to introduce such a law that in all reality will have innocent vistims being unable to have an internet connection and ISP's breaking the law for failing to provent people from downloading copyrighted material (exactly how they are supposed to do this is anybody's guess).

Judith Tizard and section 92a really do = fail. Big fail.

More on yesterday's meeting is here on Colin Jackson's blog

Make sure you contact Judith Tizard and make your feelings heard.

Also contact your local MP or candidates. Turn section 92a into an election issue. It has far reaching consequences and yet will take effect early next year.

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Comment by Screeb, on 10-Oct-2008 19:54

Innocent until called guilty

Comment by nzsouthernman, on 11-Oct-2008 12:43

I've got to say, I'm horrified that this provision was reintroduced at the last minute by Tizzard. The last I caught up with the issue was that this had been pulled and everybody was (moderatly) happy.
I think it must be time for someone to whip up a website to generate automated & anonymous 'notifications' to ISP's whereby we the Geeks of NZ can 'dob in' government IP addresses to their ISP's next year without fear of recrimination. Each time one of us finds out someone who voted for this gestapo-like section in the act we can use the form to get their work & home internet connection disconnected willy-nilly.  That should see the law changed smartly.
I personally use torrents to download & share Mythbuntu, the latest Fedora distro, Knoppmyth and whatever distro flavours of the months are out-and-about so my connection has lots of bittorrent traffic going on. To someone who's not in the know this of course looks suspicious.  As I'm paying my ISP for the bandwidth I use, who's to say what I can and can't use it for?
If someout out there believes that my connection is sharing copyrighted material, they need to prove it before requesting a disconnection as presence of bittorrent traffic does *NOT* equal piracy.
(Note:  I'm on an old special Orcon plan that if disconnected I'll never get back hence I really wouldn't want to lose it)

Comment by timestyles, on 13-Oct-2008 21:54

Umm, I'm pretty sure there are many, many scarier laws here in NZ.

Comment by Michael Laung, on 11-Mar-2009 12:01

Sounds like someone needs to let Judith Tizard's ISP know about all the MP3's & movies I have heard about from one of her friends (whos name I wont mention for their sake) that she have been responsible for downloading & sharing with them. I,ll have to ask them to try & sneakily find out what ISP she is with, But they probably wont tell me because if they do I will tell you guys.

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