Why do people hate Annette Presley?

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 6-Jun-2006 16:13

From the various posts on this site and others there seem to be a lot of people out there (including a couple of friends I have who are former employees) who absolutely despise the woman. She now seems to be up there with the CEO of another telco when it comes to being the most hated woman in the country.

This raises the question of why New Zealanders seem to love knocking people who aspire to be succesful, not just in the telco world, but in the business world in general. There are many examples of both  people and entire companies who have had the masses turn against them overnight simply because they build a business on a successful model and end up with a profitable company.

What is so bad about her being successful?

Is it because she is a woman? Or the power suit?

Is it because of her evolutionary approach to running an ISP (i4free) that effectively slam dunked Telecom and caused lots of nasty words to be spoken inside the Jervois Quay boardroom? The i4free business model where termination rates are used to subsidise a service is no different to Telecom Mobile & Vodafone who run a business model based around substancial income from termination and insist that MTR's cannot be reduced because it will hurt them.

Is it because she has pledged to reduce the costs for internet access and phone service in NZ? Do people not really want to save money?

Who cares if Slingshot/Callplus have a Call Centre in India? The technical skills and level of education levels of those staff exceeds that of many New Zealanders employed in the same position. At the end of the day there are only two things people want when they ring a call centre or help desk - 1) The call to be answered quickly and 2) The question/problem to be solved. If I can ring India and get my call answered and problem solved in under 5 minutes then I'm a happy customer. I had a need to ring the Paradise.Net helpdesk the other evening and was prompted with a message telling me there was currently a wait time of approximately 60 minutes.

CallPlus/Slingshot have some seriously cool products including a lot of fantastic Cisco gear for their VoIP network. Commverge currently offers NZ businesses the opportunity to move to a fully managed VoIP solution which can give you a nationwide interoffice virtual PBX that can be fully managed from a web browser. This is what Telecom are going to offer with their NGN in 18 months time but the reality is that it's here right now. They also offer iTalk which is a retail ITSP offering residential customers a replacement for their existing PSTN phone service, a physical phone number and dirt cheap call rates. The only thing that appears to be holding this back? VoIP over Telecom ADSL connections in NZ are just rubbish because Telecom are allowed to use interleaving, don't need to allow people to use "real time applications" and are not required to give any QoS or bandwidth guarantees.

And before anybody asks if she's related the answer is no. And secondly I have no interests in Slingshot/Callplus, I don't even work in the IT industry! The only thing I just don't understand is the whole bread thing.. Maybe somebody can enlighten me? Maybe the woman herself is a Geekzone member? :-)

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