2degrees National Roaming. The Small Print.

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 4-Aug-2009 09:15

Right at this moment 2degrees are currently in the process of launching their network which is due to go live tomorrow. This huge investment is sure to benefit mobile customers in New Zealand who without a doubt have been paying too much for mobile calls.

2degrees have rolled out their own network in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown. When in these areas you will use the 2degrees network, when outside 2degrees coverage you will automatically roam on the Vodafone network. Calls will automatically hand over between networks.

Now the fineprint. As is the case with most new operator launches around the world where national roaming agreements exist, 2degrees customers WILL NOT be able to roam onto Vodafone's network in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch or Queenstown. This is to prevent phones accidently roaming onto the Vodafone network and to stop people forcing manual network selections to benefit from cheaper pricing while staying off network.

So what does this mean? It means that if you're in one of these cities and have no 2degrees coverage then you will not benefit from moving. 2degrees have deadspots in their new network within these coverage areas and your phone WILL NOT roam on Vodafone's network. Roaming on Vodafone will only occur when you move outside the footprint of the 2degrees network.

If you are going to move make sure you check the coverage situation first - 2degrees do have a brilliant network with some very well located sites. They also have areas that I'm personally aware of here in Wellington that have no coverage at all.

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Comment by snonoz, on 4-Aug-2009 10:28

Where are these no coverage areas in Well? Just curious... I live in Maungaraki and am expecting no coverage at all up here if there's no fall back to VF (as some muppets decided to moan about the cell tower going up here so there are NONE!)

Comment by snonoz, on 4-Aug-2009 10:29

Where are these no coverage areas in Well? Just curious... I live in Maungaraki and am expecting no coverage at all up here if there's no fall back to VF (as some muppets decided to moan about the cell tower going up here so there are NONE!)

Comment by codyc1515, on 4-Aug-2009 12:16

Some of this is wrong, the coverage is all over new zealand on their network, not vodafones: http://www.2degreesmobile.co.nz/coverage

Comment by johnr, on 4-Aug-2009 12:58

Codyc1515 are you joking? 2D do NOT have a national network

Comment by simon14, on 4-Aug-2009 13:38

It makes sence that they wont allow you to roam on Vodafone where they have their own network in place, why would you think otherwise? I wouldn't call that "small print"

Author's note by sbiddle, on 4-Aug-2009 15:10


My point was aimed at the people who believed that a 2degrees phone would roam onto Vodafone outside the 2degrees coverage area.

There is poor or non existant 2degrees coverage in Island Bay because 2degrees don't have a site that covers this area well. Rather than fall back to roaming on Vodafone it means you have no coverage at all.

Comment by freitasm, on 4-Aug-2009 19:13

@Codyc1515 you don't know about it. They don't have national network yet. They have national coverage, with roaming on Vodafone.

Comment by dolsen, on 5-Aug-2009 09:19

Yes, that's good information. I knew that they had a roaming agreement with Vodafone, so, I expected that, if there was no 2d coverage, but there was Vodafone coverage, that the phone would work via Vodafones network. I was unaware that it was, will roam where you are outside a reigon where they have coverage, as opposed to outside their coverage.

Will be moving to Maungaraki soon, and vodafones network has always been very poor there, I may be just on the edge of both networks.

Here's a link with information about a new tower in Maungaraki, seems one is going ahead, but, not in the place that it was planned for, or as big. Given it's new location, I don't expect it to help me out.


Comment by snonoz, on 5-Aug-2009 11:08

YAY that tower will help me out if I go to 2degrees (as I'm tired of years of Vodafones uncaring attitude to customers, and charging me $1 to call them when they screw something up!). Just hope that theres ample coverage with 2d within the rest of LH...

Comment by Dan, on 8-Aug-2009 16:21

Does anyone have any solid information on the agreement that 2d has with Vodafone to use their network when outside the 2d coverage area?

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