Jetstar Fail

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 8-Dec-2009 08:32

I decided to look at a few airfares this morning. With 3 domestic airlines in NZ now it's always good to look at all the options available. I decided to have a look at Jetstar




That's great - $29 fares between Wellington and Auckland advertised on the front page of the website with a "Stocktake Sale" promo. I clicked on the link.


What a shame these specials finished on the 13th November. I'm also intrigued that these prices are also advertising in $A rather than $NZ - I wonder whether this was a simple mistake or whether flights were actually A$29 which would have meant ~20% more in $NZ?

Is there anything Jetstar can get right?

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Comment by Lurch, on 8-Dec-2009 13:33

Jetstar's Stocktake Sale! Sale on now on until midnight (23:59) Sunday 13 December 2009, unless sold out prior. Mine is also in NZD's.... so not sure what page you ended up at. You might want to check your browser settings.

Comment by Lurch, on 8-Dec-2009 13:35

..and all I did was click on the stock take ad on the front page :-)

Author's note by sbiddle, on 8-Dec-2009 13:51

Problem is fixed now. SOmebody obviously picked up on it!

Comment by lotech, on 9-Dec-2009 08:36

Yeah I'm looking at flights right now, unlike Pacific Blue though, on Jetstar when you book 2 people, it warns you that you might want luggage too - but only gives you the option for both to have luggage or neither to have luggage. Good job. We're only away for 2 days, 1 bag is enough.

Comment by Elisha, on 9-Dec-2009 14:45

You know, as someone with insider knowledge of the airline industry Jetstar are actually a fantastic airline. Sadly (& unfairly) they've gained a rough public imagine because of the smear campaign running on the TVNZ & throughout government owned papers since the day of their launch... do you think it's a coincidence that the government are doing this when they were the one's that recently bailed Air New Zealand out of financial trouble?? I think someone might be waiting for the pay-day to be honest. If you look at the public perception of Jetstar in Australia they have an outstanding reputation & have recently won the Best Cabin Crew award for 2009.

Comment by wellygary, on 9-Dec-2009 16:15

err, which government owned papers were you talking about?

Fairfax is owned by the Ozzys last time I looked, and the Herald is owned by a crowd going by the name of Australian provincial newspapers....

Comment by hairy1, on 9-Dec-2009 20:02

Jetstar won Skytrax best cabin crew award for 2007. Air New Zealand were best Cabin Crew 2009 Australia/New Zealand.

Comment by Elisha, on 11-Dec-2009 11:51

Elisha, I'd like to call bullshit on your "smear campaign" conspiracy theory. Jetstar cheated us out of our flights, likely overbooked the plane, tried to get us arrested/thrown out of the airport, tried to get my phone taken off me, lied to the media, got caught out, lied again, tried to bribe me with airfares, changed their mind, offered us free flights, then none of them ever appeared. Complete and utter pack of wankers from the top to the bottom.

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