3News Incompetence

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 14-Jan-2010 21:33

The state of mainstream media in New Zealand has begun to annoy me a lot lately - TV live crosses that tell me nothing that somebody in a studio couldn't, and factual inaccuracies caused by nothing but sloppy journalism.

Today a RNZAF CT-4 training aircraft that also flies as part of the RNZAF Red Checkers display team crashed leading to the tragic death of the pilot.

While watching 3News tonight during a live cross from Ohakea Airbase, reporter Charlotte Tonkin told us

The Air Force prides itself on it's safety standards. It says this is the first time any member of a display team has been killed in flight"


If the Air Force did infact make this statement there should be questions asked about their memories. TV3 should also be criticised for not checking the accuracy of a statement that is totally incorrect.

In 1989 A4K Skyhawk (serial 6210) crashed and was destroyed, killing Flight Officer Graham Carter. The aircraft was a member of the Air Force's Kiwi Red A4K Skyhawk display team, and collided in mid air with another A4K Skyhawk (serial 6211) while practicing a mid air maneuver for an airshow in New Zealand.

Another A4K Skyhawk (ironically serial 6211) was also lost in Australia after it crashed while practicing a barrel roll for an airshow. While not part of a display team it was practicing formation flying with another RNZAF A4K in preparation for a display.

It's clear this is not the first time a member has been killed while flying as part of a display team. Shame on you for blatently telling porkies to the New Zealand public.

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Comment by Ben, on 14-Jan-2010 22:44

I imagine they meant to say the Red Checkers display team rather than all display teams the RNZAF has ever had. As for checking accuracy, there is no such rank as Flight Officer - perhaps you mean Flying Officer?

Comment by RedJungle, on 15-Jan-2010 12:54

Have to say I also find those "Live crosses for the sake of live crosses" really irritating as well.
These days I avoid watching the television news, it just annoys me.

Comment by corksta, on 15-Jan-2010 16:13

Yeah having live interviews just for the sake of it also annoys me, and I also get annoyed when beforehand the anchor says they are crossing live, with emphasis on the 'live' as if to say "battle stations everyone".

I've also given up watching the news. I get tired of the trivial crap they put on, the one-sided reporting, the trumped up stories, and of course the incompetence and inaccuracies that are frequently presented.
End of the day making money and improving ratings by doing the above is what it's really all about for them, rather than just reporting what's actually happened.

Comment by Dratsab, on 15-Jan-2010 18:58

Likewise, I generally don't watch the news much due to the gross inaccuracies and trivial crap.  I watched on wednesday though as there'd been a pursuit which ended in a crash and fatality in Newlands, Wellington.  TV3 reported it as Johnsonville, Wellington...

Comment by Unxious, on 16-Jan-2010 00:02

I find it hard to swallow that people are being laid off whilst others are constantly being flown over seas for that 'live' scoop.

The 'sexy' format news is terrible. I am reminded of the film Starship Troopers. In it is a news segment. [something like] "two hundred people killed train wreck..... do you want more?". That is where it is heading with the 'stay tuned because we have details on the salacious rumours of celebrity x' news of today.

Call me old school but I would like to see suit and tie presenters who just read the news.

Comment by corksta, on 16-Jan-2010 10:41

Look at all the old clips on YouTube with Phillip Sherry and Tom Bradley. Now that's the news, just telling us what happened without the drama or the hype that is today's drivel. 

Comment by Wob, on 17-Jan-2010 11:36

I too get fed up with the trivial and banal items that are reported on the 6pm news.

I reccomend the BBC world service, a more balanced world view and "suit and tie" anchors.

When will NZ media teach their reporters to speak properly??!? Whenever I hear debut pronounced day-boo, channel change time!!

Comment by old3eyes, on 20-Jan-2010 08:26

I see 3 News has seen fit to add another ambulance chaser, I mean reporter to the already over crowded Haiti.  Why can't they use the US or UK reporters who are there??  I suppose One News has done the same but I never watch them.  3 News is bad enough. 

Comment by Getgripped, on 20-Jan-2010 10:43

NZ live location feeds: "Now we are going live where absolutely nothing is happening". How many times have I seen that? Giving this awesome technology to todays journos is like giving strawberries to a pig - a complete waste.

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