Vodafone NZ launches improved international roaming

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 18-Aug-2010 19:53

After the launch of Telecom's XT network I blogged about a key difference between the XT and Vodafone networks - the fact that while roaming internationally on the XT network your voicemail works in exactly the same was as it did in new Zealand. On Vodafone NZ it did not.

While Vodafone have offered international roaming since the mid 90's (when BellSouth entered the market) one key feature missing was the ability for a person calling your mobile phone to leave a voicemail message if your phone was turned on (ie it rang) and was not answered. This is a feature known as Late Call Forwarding.

If you had activated call forwarding so that all calls were forwarded to voicemail or had your phone switched off then callers would be able to leave messages. If your phone was switched on and rang, people calling you would either receive a disconnect tone after the specified timeout period, or in some cases received a prerecorded message. If you were roaming on the Vodafone Australia network then this feature was available and callers could leave a message, however anybody who has roamed to Australia would also have noticed that Vodafone billed you the standard $1 per minute roaming charge for voicemail deposits, a charge they loved to hide by not mentioning it anywhere on their website.

As of this week Vodafone NZ have upgraded their network to support Late Call Forwarding on all roaming destinations. Now no matter whether your phone is on of off people calling you will be able to leave you a voicemail message. And best of all you will no longer be charged for voicemail deposits!

Just remember though that standard international call costs still do apply when accessing your voicemail box to listen to messages - they haven't been generous enough to waive these!

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