Vodafone NZ’s stuffed network

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 29-Oct-2010 20:32

It's not very often I get annoyed enough to write nasty things about a company, but Vodafone deserve an award right now for running NZ's worst performing mobile network.

There appears to be a major fault that's been affecting the Vodafone network for a number of weeks now and I'm interested in feedback from others who may be experiencing the same issue.

I use data on a daily basis on my Nokia E71. What I've noticed with increased frequency is 3G data retainability issues with data sessions randomly stalling. This becomes obvious when applications such as Gravity (a S60 Twitter app) refuses to update. Once the data session is stalled (but still active according to the phone) you can't send or receive data. The issue also affects voice calling and SMS messages. SMS messages sent while the data session is stalled will sit in the phone outbox and any inbound voice calls will go directly to voicemail. Inbound SMS messages are also not received by the phone

Fixing the fault is very simple. Ending the data session by closing down the application using the data session or manually ending the active data session results in SMS's being sent again and the ability to receive calls and SMS's instantly resuming. If you want a more drastic fix you could just power cycle the phone, but it's certainly not needed, unlike the last time a virtually identical issue existed when GPRS was enabled in the network in 2002 and a power cycle was the only fix.

I've now encountered this issue in various parts of Wellington and also in the Auckland CBD which probably excludes the fault from being  on a single RNC

Totally unscientific studies based around twitter feedback and friends experiencing the exact same issue shows it's not an isolated issue and that I'm not the only person encountering this fault. I suspect however that this issue is totally unrelated to the large number of people complaining about huge delays sending and receiving SMS messages on the Vodafone network.

If you are experiencing any of the above I'd love to hear from you and have created a thread here on Geekzone where the issue can be discussed. Vodafone are seemingly in denial of this issue so it would be interesting to see how many others are experiencing it.

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