90’s NZ Mobile Memorabilia Part 1

By Steve Biddle, in , posted: 3-Jan-2012 20:11

I've got a rather extensive collection of mobile pricelists, coverage maps and newsletters from both BellSouth and Telecom from throughout the 90's, and thought it might be interesting to share some of this. First up is some BellSouth Coverage Maps and Pricing from 1996.












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Comment by antoniosk, on 3-Jan-2012 20:52

Ahhhh,..... Memories..... Rolling out the Wellington network in 92.....

Comment by paradoxsm, on 4-Jan-2012 03:35

Thanks for uploading this. I had a reasonable wad of similar stuff which I burnt only the other day thinking "who the hell would want to see this crap" as parents are going to sell-up and move.

One brochure was all about the latest "Talk 200 Limited  Edition" plan and which phones were available as well as newsletters and a couple of coverage maps that looked much the same as yours and a huge wad ofold Telecom stuff like the "in-touch" stuff as well as bills.

I'll keep digging as I may still find more among all this junk. I know I have a couple of userguide videos for the old handsets which also include the old "this is tomorrow" ads and the later one with the annoying bell music, somewhere. . .

Comment by Kyanar, on 4-Jan-2012 10:07

Hey check it out... carryover minutes!

Not so special now, eh 2degrees?

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